The proceedings of the scientific part of the program are available on CEUR Conference Proceedings, volume 2476.

Pictures taken during the conference can be found on Flickr.

Monday : Industry presentations Resources
Brian Glauser – Galorath
Pitfalls of Historical Data Use in Software Estimation
Jacek Pachocki – NATO NCIA
Enhancing logistics capabilities based on existing portfolio
Paul Marston – MCR Global
The Future of Cost Estimation
Aravind Gundarao – Eurofins
COSMIC FSM adoption
Colin Hammond – Scopemaster
Automated User Story Analysis
Diallo Laouratou – International University of Malaysia
Efficient learning on Big Data in IoT
Jeppe Hedaa – 7N
Determining IT team performance
Monday : Research presentations Resources
Musa Erhan – Hacettepe University
Blockchain-based project information sharing

Francisco Valdés Souto – UNAM
Validation of Supplier Estimates

Tuesday : Industry presentations Resources
Niteen Kumar – Capgemini
Predicting maintenance effort
Nico Oosterom – Glencore Agriculture and
Richard Sweer – Finidy
Output-based contracting in an Agile environment

Eric van der Vliet & Ton Dekkers – Nesma
Thirty years of Software Measurement
Harold van Heeringen – ISBSG
Benchmarking agile software development
Ko des Bouvrie – Cost Engineering Consultancy
How cost estimation can drive smarter project management in technical industries
Frank Vogelezang – COSMIC
Software Measurement Manifesto

Iván Pinedo – LEDAmc
Closing the gap between Business & IT
Simon Wright – Symtech
AI techniques for Software Cost Estimation
Christine Green – IFPUG / IPbyGreen
The relevance of Function Points and CFPS in critical projects
Tuesday : Research presentations Resources
Sherry Vedadi – University of Quebec
Development of COSMIC scaling factors

Francisco Valdés Souto – UNAM
Automated COSMIC measurement
Miroslaw Staron – Gothenburg University
Information needs for SAFe teams

Beatriz Marin – Universidad Diego Portales
Serious gaming for teaching effort estimation

Miroslaw Staron – Gothenburg University
Evolution of Technical Debt

Sandro Hartenstein – HWR
Cost Estimation of web-based APIs

Anna Sniegula – Lodz University of Technology
An assessment scheme for student projects

Alain Abran – COSMIC
Sizing of neural networks

Wednesday : Industry presentations Resources
Eltjo Poort – CGI
The Cost and Benefit of Technical Debt Reduction
Sanath Rajagopal – QinetiQ
The Cost of Software Obsolescence
Sergej Berendsen – METRI
The agile value paradox
Rini van Solingen – TU Delft / Prowareness
Shifting from cost to value – current needs and future directions from increasing speed and agility
Eric van der Vliet – CGI
Agile contracting
Jad Abou Ibrahim – Khatib & Alami
Transforming an audit into a KPI tool

Hans Vonk – QSM Europe and
Hans Kuijpers – Software Improvement Group
Successful contracts : a Business Sponsor perspective
Roberto Meli – DPO
IT value: a multi-dimentional measurement approach
Wednesday : Research presentations Resources
Bharat Despande – BITS Pilani KK
Software Product Reliability using SonarQube

Khaled al-Sabbagh – University of Gothenburg
Predicting Test Case Verdicts