IWSM 2019

The proceedings of the scientific part of the program are available on CEUR Conference Proceedings, volume 2476.

Pictures taken during the conference can be found on Flickr.

Proceedings of previous years can be found on the historic information of previous editions of the conference.

Monday : Industry presentations Resources
Brian Glauser – Galorath
Pitfalls of Historical Data Use in Software Estimation
Jacek Pachocki – NATO NCIA
Enhancing logistics capabilities based on existing portfolio
Paul Marston – MCR Global
The Future of Cost Estimation
Aravind Gundarao – Eurofins
COSMIC FSM adoption
Colin Hammond – Scopemaster
Automated User Story Analysis
Diallo Laouratou – International University of Malaysia
Efficient learning on Big Data in IoT
Jeppe Hedaa – 7N
Determining IT team performance
Monday : Research presentations Resources
Musa Erhan – Hacettepe University
Blockchain-based project information sharing

Francisco Valdés Souto – UNAM
Validation of Supplier Estimates

Tuesday : Industry presentations Resources
Niteen Kumar – Capgemini
Predicting maintenance effort
Nico Oosterom – Glencore Agriculture and
Richard Sweer – Finidy
Output-based contracting in an Agile environment

Eric van der Vliet & Ton Dekkers – Nesma
Thirty years of Software Measurement
Harold van Heeringen – ISBSG
Benchmarking agile software development
Ko des Bouvrie – Cost Engineering Consultancy
How cost estimation can drive smarter project management in technical industries
Frank Vogelezang – COSMIC
Software Measurement Manifesto

Iván Pinedo – LEDAmc
Closing the gap between Business & IT
Simon Wright – Symtech
AI techniques for Software Cost Estimation
Christine Green – IFPUG / IPbyGreen
The relevance of Function Points and CFPS in critical projects
Tuesday : Research presentations Resources
Sherry Vedadi – University of Quebec
Development of COSMIC scaling factors

Francisco Valdés Souto – UNAM
Automated COSMIC measurement
Miroslaw Staron – Gothenburg University
Information needs for SAFe teams

Beatriz Marin – Universidad Diego Portales
Serious gaming for teaching effort estimation

Miroslaw Staron – Gothenburg University
Evolution of Technical Debt

Sandro Hartenstein – HWR
Cost Estimation of web-based APIs

Anna Sniegula – Lodz University of Technology
An assessment scheme for student projects

Alain Abran – COSMIC
Sizing of neural networks

Wednesday : Industry presentations Resources
Eltjo Poort – CGI
The Cost and Benefit of Technical Debt Reduction
Sanath Rajagopal – QinetiQ
The Cost of Software Obsolescence
Sergej Berendsen – METRI
The agile value paradox
Rini van Solingen – TU Delft / Prowareness
Shifting from cost to value – current needs and future directions from increasing speed and agility
Eric van der Vliet – CGI
Agile contracting
Jad Abou Ibrahim – Khatib & Alami
Transforming an audit into a KPI tool

Hans Vonk – QSM Europe and
Hans Kuijpers – Software Improvement Group
Successful contracts : a Business Sponsor perspective
Roberto Meli – DPO
IT value: a multi-dimentional measurement approach
Wednesday : Research presentations Resources
Bharat Despande – BITS Pilani KK
Software Product Reliability using SonarQube

Khaled al-Sabbagh – University of Gothenburg
Predicting Test Case Verdicts