Fundamentals for Software Effort Estimation

On September 19-20, 2018 the IWSM Mensura conference was held in Beijing, China. The final version of the Conference Proceedings for the research papers is now available at CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

Software and IT measurement are keys for successfully managing and estimating software development projects: sound measurement techniques, such as COSMIC Function Points, are essential for business and engineering: they enrich technical knowledge regarding the practice of software development estimation, as well as empirical research in software estimation.

This conference was held in conjunction with the China Software Cost Measurement Conference on September 18. The China Software Cost Measurement Conference, launched in 2016, aims to play the most authoritative user conference in the field of software cost measurement in China to demonstrate excellent practical cases of software cost measurement and to commend the industry’s excellent application enterprises.

Standards give new value to software

The international standard of software measurement and China’s domestic standards are promoting the upgrading of domestic software enterprises and the improvement of process management capability.

China National Convention Center