[ABSTRACT] Towards an Assessment Tool for Controlling Functional Changes in Scrum Process

Sellami, M. Haoues, N. Borchani & N. Bouassida

Unlike the old development process models such as waterfall model, agile provides flexible methods more adapted to the user requirements change. Although, agile methods such as Scrum are widely used today in software organizations, an important number of agile projects end up in failure. This is due mainly to the inaccurate estimates of time and the lack of a structured change control process. However, tracking and controlling changes is important for a better project schedule and management.

The main objective of this paper is to propose a tool for change controlling in scrum process. For this purpose, we use the COSMIC Functional Size Measurement method for a precise quantification and rapid evaluation of a change request. Reporting,tracking,and controlling the change status in user requirements per project at different levels of details will certainly be helpful for future projects management.