[ABSTRACT] COSMIC FSM for real-time embedded systems projects

Hassan Soubra

Today, real-time embedded software (RTES) is omnipresent: in cars, drones, phones and even city infrastructure. RTES interacts with the real world and must perform to meet real-time constraints. In addition, without RTES, the Internet of Things (IoT), Autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and Smart ‘Things’ would have never happened.

Functional size measurement (FSM) is a powerful tool for managing software projects and it provides an objective and quantitative base for management decisions: to obtain system related technical indicators early in the design phase (e.g. processor load, network load, etc.). It can also be used to estimate development effort, manage project scope changes, measure productivity, benchmark and normalize quality and maintenance ratios.

In this talk, illustrative application examples for the automotive industry are presented (e.g. Autosar). Additional examples for the Aeronautical (SCADE) and IoT (Arduino) domains will also be presented.