[ABSTRACT] Automated COSMIC Measurement of Java Swing Applications throughout their Development Life Cycle

Chamkha, A. Sellami & A. Abran

In highly competitive organizations, measurement is crucial to control projects to meet customers’ requirements. Despite some spectacular successes in software, there are few mechanisms for the developers to rapidly and objectively verify and track the amount of functionality to be delivered. COSMIC – ISO 19761 functional size measurement can be used to keep track of software through its development life cycle. In this paper, we propose a “JavaCFP” plugin tool for measuring the COSMIC functional size of source code written in java. This JavaCFP tool can be used for controlling the completeness of implemented functionality against specified requirements, for identifying deviations (warning problems) and next for generating progress reports on the implementation of new functions. It also supports the automated tracking of scope creep during development since the functional size of the piece of software after the change is generated when it is written. JavaCFP was developed in NetBeans IDE and the “C-REG” case study is used as an example to illustrate this plugin.