[ABSTRACT]An Analysis of the COSMIC data in the ISBSG repository

Harold van Heeringen

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group is a not-for-profit organization that collects industry data of software projects and the maintenance & support of applications. Everybody can submit data, using one of the available data collection questionnaire forms, resulting in a free-of-charge benchmark report in return.

The submitted data is analyzed, verified and stored in one of the two repositories:

  • Development & Enhancements, now contains > 8200 projects of new development projects, releases (enhancements) and agile sprints.
  • Maintenance & Support now contains the data of over 1100 applications

To be able to compare software metrics such as productivity and quality between organizations, it’s crucial that the size measurement, which is part of the project data, is carried out using one of the ISO/IEC certified methods for functional size measurement. In this presentation, an analysis of the projects measured in COSMIC is shown to the audience and where possible differences with projects measured in other functional size measurement are presented.