IWSM 2020

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Official league to download the proceedings IWSM 2020 Proceedings

Title of Papers Paper Presentation
Ahmed Darwish and Hassan Soubra. COSMIC Functional Size of ARM assembly programs Download Download
Hassan Soubra, Yomna Abufrikha and Alain Abran. Towards Universal COSMIC Size Measurement Automation Download Download
Wilder Perdomo-Charry, Julia Prior and John Leaney. How do Colombian software companies evaluate software product quality? Download Download
Nebi Yi̇lmaz and Ayça Kolukısa Tarhan. Meta-models for Software Quality and Its Evaluation: A Systematic Literature Review Download Download
Tuna Hacaloglu, Hüseyin Ünlü, Onur Demirors and Alain Abran. Using COSMIC Light instead of COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Manual: An Application on Multiple Cases Download Download
Philipp Haindl and Reinhold Plösch. Specifying Feature-Dependent Maintainability Requirements in an Operational Manner – Results From a Case Study with Practitioners Download Download
Luigi Lavazza, Liu Geng and Roberto Meli. Productivity of Software Enhancement Projects: an Empirical Study Download Download
Sara Elmidaoui, Laila Cheikhi, Ali Idri and Alain Abran. Predicting Software Maintainability using Ensemble Techniques and Stacked Generalization Download Download
Francisco Valdés-Souto and Jorge Valeriano-Assem. Exploratory Study: Simulating the Productivity Control in Software Projects using Feedback Loop Control Theory Download Download
Francisco Valdés-Souto, Roberto Pedraza-Coello and Fabiola Cristina Olguín-Barrón. COSMIC Sizing of RPA Software: A Case Study from a Proof of Concept Implementation in a Banking Organization Download Download
Francisco Valdés-Souto, Daniel Torres-Robledo and Hanna Jadwiga-Oktaba. Product Delivery Improvement in a Software Factory Contract Applying Learning Curves Download Download
Olga Ormandjieva, Mandana Omidbakhsh and Sylvie Trudel. Measuring the 3V’s of Big Data: A Rigorous Approach Download Download
Duygu Deniz Erhan, Ayça Kolukısa Tarhan and Rana Özakıncı. Selecting Suitable Software Effort Estimation Method Download Download
Hela Hakim, Asma Sellami, Hanene Ben Abdallah and Alain Abran. Improving the Structural Size Measurement Method Through the Nested (Multi-Level) Control Structures Assessment in UML Sequence Diagram Download Download
Özden Özcan Top, Onur Demirors and Fergal Mc Caffery. Challenges and Working Solutions in Agile Adaptation: Experiences from the Industry Download Download
Harold van Heeringen. Portfolio Cost Estimation and Performance measurement in the context of a SAFe Scaled Agile Framework Download Download
Abdelaziz Sahab and Sylvie Trudel. COSMIC Functional Size Automation of Java Web Applications Using the Spring MVC Framework Download Download
Sylvie Trudel and Olga Ormandjieva. Lean Measurement: A Proposed Approach Download Download