Niclas Nygren

Niclas Nygren is Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation for the Software & Electronics Unit at Volvo Cars. He has more than 20 years of automotive experience from the Volvo Group in several senior project and line management positions within research and innovation as well as product development, mainly within the area of Connected Vehicles. One of the assignments at the Volvo Group has been to lead the in-house telematics software development for the Telematics ECU and the agile transformation of those teams.

Software in cars, what is going on?

The automotive industry today face several disruptive shifts in technology and business models that makes the future more unpredictable. To address this, Volvo Cars considers a new vehicle electronic architecture and new ways of working, with the aim to increase the speed of development and improve the capability to quickly change directions when needed. Most of the new functions and customer value will be realized in software; therefore efficient software development methods will be critical for success.

This talk will present some considerations regarding the vehicle electronic architecture and the agile movement within Volvo Cars, touching some key questions on the need of vehicle data.