Karl-Johan Killius

Karl-Johan Killius is head of Product Development Unit (PDU) Packet Core in Ericsson. PDU Packet Core is responsible for the development of Ericsson’s world leading Mobile Packet Core solutions. These systems are present in the world’s major service providers and handle a significant part of the global internet traffic. Karl-Johan has 22 years of experience in Mobile Packet Core and has held various management positions in Sweden, Indonesia and China.

Large scale software development, in mobile packet core systems

Mobile Packet Core systems are characterized by a large feature growth, combined with high performance and high availability requirements.
In addition there are high expectations from the market on releasing software continuously or very frequent. This combination puts very high requirements on ways of working.

This talk will outline how we handle large scale software development in such a setting. How we integrate the contributions from our many teams, while securing very high quality expectations and how we release software to the market frequently. I will connect to how measurements are integrated into our development flow and how we use these for day to day decisions as well as on strategic level.