Workshop Organizer

Eduardo Alves de Oliveira
Istituto Militar de Engenharia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Improving Your Development Process Using Productivity Indicators

Companies that develop software are increasingly competitive. To learn how these firms are competitive need to measure the productivity of their software development processes (SDP). Knowing how to control productivity, the company is better able to predict various parameters and estimate their projects more closely the actual value of the projects.
The project manager must monitor how the productivity of your project is during the course of the same. What factors are positively and negatively impacting the productivity of the development process of the project? How can I adjust it? This workshop will present a proposal for a process for monitoring the productivity of the development process of an application and show a case study of the practical use of this process.


1) Introduction Function Point Analysis (FPA) and Productivity of Projects;
2) Introduction to Software Development Process (SPD);
3) Learn about de Productivity Monitoring Process (PMP);
4) How to use APRIORI [1] and Weka Tool [2] to learn the associate rules from itemsets using a Data Minig algorithm ;
5) Use a Historical Bases and Questionnaires to find itemsets;
6) How to define the PMP´s checklist to evaluate the SDP´s productivity impacts;
7) Case Study.


Agrawal R. and Srikant R., “Fast Algorithms for Mining Associations Rules”, 1994
Weka Tool. “Weka 3: Data Mining Software in Java”.

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Date & time

Tuesday, October 7
13.30 – 18.00 Noordam room (B-deck)

Note! This workshop coincides with another workshop: A business approach to software productivity.