We have done our best to prepare a varied program for you around the central theme of software measurement.

The core of this conference is the exchange of new ideas and practical experience from both the academic institutions and the industry practice. These ideas and experiences have been written down in papers that have been submitted and reviewed. They will be presented in two tracks on this conference.

The presentations are grouped by theme. As you see in the program we have both 30 and 45 minute presentation slots. In the 30 minute slots short papers are presented. Full papers are presented in 45 minute slots. We have decided not to make separate tracks for short and full papers, since we believe that the theme is more important to facilitate the knowledge exchange this conference is meant for.

Our A-track contains the more general software measurement themes and will be held in the LaFontaine room on the B-deck. In the B-track you will find more in-depth themes. This track will be held in the Odyssee room on the B-deck.

For those of you who are interested in all the details of a certain topic we also have a workshop track. Most of the workshops will be held in one of siderooms of the LaFontaine room on the B-deck.

To complete the program we also have a number of invited presentations from Software Measurement Associations and keynotes and wake-up presentations from renowned experts in different aspects of software measurement.

Keynote speakers

Alexandre Oriou, Renault

Alexandre Oriou is Embedded Software Strategic Group Manager and in charge of deploying within Renault and its suppliers the automated COSMIC measurement, and responsible for a study on software measurement and qualimetry to be launched within Renault this summer.

Amir Arooni, ING

Amir Arooni is Director Delivery Center Channels at ING and responsible for the customer interaction via internet, mobile, phone and e-mail. ING has the largest IT organization in the Netherlands and is fully transitioning to DevOps. This transition has been embraced by the whole of ING’s senior management.

Rini van Solingen, TU Delft

Rini van Solingen is a professor in Global Software Engineering at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. Furthermore he is CTO and partner at Prowareness. Rini is author of the 1999 Goal/Question/Metric book, and the more recent 2010/2011 Scrum book: The Power of Scrum. His experience lies in increasing speed of software delivery by incorporating short-loop learning cycles in every day-to-day activity.

Download the conference program below: