The venue for the 2014 IWSM Mensura conference is the ss Rotterdam. It was inaugurated on September 13th 1958 by Queen Juliana. The ss Rotterdam is the largest cruiseship ever built in the Netherlands. The legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line is 228 meter long, 28 meters wide, 61 metres in height, rich in history and renowned for its cultural and historic value. The ss Rotterdam is also referred to as La Grande Dame. It was in active use as a cruiseship until the year 2000.

In 2004 the ship was transferred from the Bahamas to Gibraltar. The City of Rotterdam recognised opportunities for the city and decided to grant the popular ship a permanent berth in the Maashaven in the Katendrecht district near the city center. One of the larger housing corporations in the Netherlands made sure the old steamship would serve a new commercial, recreational and training purpose. After many dormant years the ss Rotterdam was no longer able to sail on its own. Tugboats were used in the period of 2005 to 2008 to transfer the ship from Gibraltar to Cádiz and on to Gdansk and Wilhelmshaven. On its way ss Rotterdam regained its old shape little by little. The grey hull was provided with the typical gold piping and the original name once again appeared on stem and stern. The fantastic interior, masterpieces, drawing rooms and furniture … every single detail was restored much to its original. Some of the tapestries were woven once again and even the huge mural in the Grand Ballroom was restored. It was a gigantic project. At the same time, a dedicated team of designers prepared the ship for the modern age introducing stylish restaurants, larger and better equipped hotel rooms, a parking area and entrances at the 3rd Katendrechtsehoofd.

The ship was made an elegant comeback to Rotterdam on August 4th 2008. Finally, the,ss Rotterdam was granted one of the most beautiful spots it can wish for: Katendrecht in the very heart of Rotterdam. On February 15th 2010 the ship welcomed its first visitors and by now ss Rotterdam is without a doubt one of the most popular places in the city of Rotterdam. This unique location is the ideal place to gather for the IWSM Mensura conference and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of NESMA, the Netherlands Software Metrics users Association.

NESMA has been able to reserve cabins on the ship for the nights during the conference if you register to the conference before July 1st. So if you want to enjoy the IWSM Mensura conference in style, register on time.

Rotterdam can be easily reached from all over the world. To get your journey to Rotterdam started, visit our how to get there page.

Rotterdam is a very interesting city to visit for more then just the conference. If you are interested to know a little bit more about the Netherlands’ most vibrant city (according to the New York Times), please visit the page on what to do in Rotterdam.