In 2014 the IWSM conference was held on October 6-8 in Rotterdam. The conference was organized by the Nesma to celebrate their 25th anniversary on the ss Rotterdam. The program consisted of 33 paper presentations, 3 keynotes from Renault, ING and the Technical University of Delft, invited presentations and 8 workshops.


On this conference 33 papers were presented. These papers are published in the IEEE Xplore Digital library.


  • Oriou, Alexandre ; Bronca, Eric ; Bouzid, Boubker ; Guetta, Olivier ; Guillard, Kevin
    Manage the Automotive Embedded Software Development Cost & Productivity with the Automation of a Functional Size Measurement Method (COSMIC) Xplore it
  • Dumke, Reiner ; Neumann, Robert ; Schmietendorf, Andreas ; Wille, Cornelius
    Empirical-Based Extension of the COSMIC FP Method Xplore it
  • Heeringen, Harold van ; Gorp, Edwin van
    Measure the Functional Size of a Mobile App: Using the COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method Xplore it
  • Fehlmann, Thomas ; Kranich, Eberhard
    Defect Density Measurements Using COSMIC – Experiences with Mobile Apps and Embedded Systems Xplore it
  • Soubra, Hassan ; Abran, Alain ; Ramdane-Cherif, Amar
    Verifying the Accuracy of Automation Tools for the Measurement of Software with COSMIC — ISO 19761 Including an AUTOSAR-Based Example and a Case Study Xplore it

Measurement programs

  • Ostberg, Jan-Peter ; Wagner, Stefan
    On Automatically Collectable Metrics for Software Maintainability Evaluation Xplore it
  • Weerdt, Jos de
    Gathering Time Spent Data on IT Maintenance Work Xplore it
  • Ravanello, Anderson ; Desharnais, Jean-Marc ; Villalpando, Luis Eduardo Bautista ; April, Alain ; Gherbi, Abdelouahed
    Performance Measurement for Cloud Computing Applications Using ISO 25010 Standard Characteristics Xplore it
  • Lami, Giuseppe ; Fabbrini, Fabrizio ; Buglione, Luigi
    An ISO/IEC 33000-Compliant Measurement Framework for Software Process Sustainability Assessment Xplore it

Old themes revisited

  • Abran, Alain
    Software Estimation: Transforming Dust into Pots of Gold? Xplore it
  • Antinyan, Vard ; Staron, Miroslaw ; Meding, Wilhelm ; Henriksson, Anders ; Hansson, Jorgen ; Sandberg, Anna
    Defining Technical Risks in Software Development Xplore it
  • Kuijpers, Cees
    Automated FPA (eFPA) in SAP Environment – Visions and Experiences of Automated Function Point Analysis Xplore it
  • Suelmann, Han
    Putnam’s Effort-Duration Trade-Off Law: Is the Software Estimation Problem Really Solved? Xplore it
  • Vogelezang, Frank ; Vries, Jelle de
    The Added Value of Enhancement Function Points – An Empirical Evaluation Xplore it

New approaches

  • Wams, Nanne ; Vogelezang, Frank
    Cost Estimation of Transition Projects in Application Outsourcing: An Empirical Model Xplore it
  • Nitze, Andre ; Schmietendorf, Andreas ; Dumke, Reiner
    An Analogy-Based Effort Estimation Approach for Mobile Application Development Projects Xplore it
  • Durisic, Darko ; Staron, Miroslaw ; Tichy, Matthias ; Hansson, Jorgen
    Quantifying Long-Term Evolution of Industrial Meta-Models – A Case Study Xplore it
  • Aysolmaz, Banu ; Demirors, Onur
    Automated Functional Size Estimation Using Business Process Models with UPROM Method Xplore it

Nesma 25th anniversary

  • Board, Nesma
    Software Measurement in the Netherlands – The 25th Anniversary of Nesma Xplore it
  • Ogilvie, John ; Heeringen, Harold van
    The Importance of Benchmarking – Using Function Points and the ISBSG Data to Improve Your Organization Success Xplore it
  • Galorath, Dan
    Why Can’t People Estimate: Estimation Bias and Strategic Mis-estimation Xplore it
  • Aguiar, Mauricio ; Buglione, Luigi
    Sizing the Entire Development Process – Functional and Non-functional Perspectives Xplore it
  • Poort, Eltjo ; Vliet, Eric van der
    Estimating the Cost of Heterogeneous Solutions Xplore it

Quality aspects

  • Buglione, Luigi ; Abran, Alain
    Measurement Process: Improving the ISO 15939 Standard Xplore it
  • Ouhbi, Sofia ; Idri, Ali ; Aleman, Jose Luis Fernandez ; Toval, Ambrosio
    Evaluating Software Product Quality: A Systematic Mapping Study Xplore it
  • Ertugrul, Ali Mert ; Yilmaz, Gokcen ; Salmanoglu, Murat ; Demirors, Onur
    The Effect of Highlighting Error Categories in FSM Training on the Accuracy of Measurement Xplore it
  • Staron, Miroslaw ; Rana, Rakesh ; Meding, Wilhelm ; Nilsson, Martin
    Consequences of Mispredictions of Software Reliability: A Model and its Industrial Evaluation Xplore it
  • Wetzlmaier, Thomas ; Klammer, Claus ; Ramler, Rudolf
    Extracting Dependencies from Software Changes: An Industry Experience Report Xplore it


  • Symons, Charles
    Lies, Damned Lies and Software Metrics Xplore it
  • Bajwa, Sohaib Shahid ; Gencel, Cigdem ; Abrahamsson, Pekka
    Software Product Size Measurement Methods: A Systematic Mapping Study Xplore it
  • Moulla, Donatien Koulla ; Damakoa, Irepran ; Kolyang, Dina Taiwe
    Application of Function Points to Software Based on Open Source: A Case Study Xplore it
  • Lavazza, Luigi ; Meli, Roberto
    An Evaluation of Simple Function Point as a Replacement of IFPUG Function Point Xplore it
  • Czarnacka-Chrobot, Beata
    Analysis of the Per-Unit Work Effort and Per-Unit Work Cost of the Web Information Portal Enhancement — A Case Study from Poland Xplore it

Measuring requirements

  • Daneva, Maya
    Understanding Functional Reuse of ERP Requirements in the Telecommunication Sector: An Empirical Study Xplore it
  • Dumas-Monette, Jean-Francois ; Trudel, Sylvie
    Requirements Engineering Quality Revealed through Functional Size Measurement: An Empirical Study in an Agile Context Xplore it
  • Deuter, Andreas ; Engels, Gregor
    Measuring the Software Size of Sliced V-Model Projects Xplore it
  • Rezaei, Hengameh ; Ebersjo, Filippa ; Sandahl, Kristian ; Staron, Miroslaw
    Identifying and Managing Complex Modules in Executable Software Design Models-Empirical Assessment of a Large Telecom Software Product Xplore it


  • Amazal, Fatima-Azzahra ; Idri, Ali ; Abran, Alain
    An Analogy-Based Approach to Estimation of Software Development Effort Using Categorical Data Xplore it
  • Fehlmann, Thomas ; Kranich, Eberhard
    Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Prediction in the Software Development Process Xplore it
  • Solingen, Rini van
    Agile GQM: Why Goal/Question/Metric is more Relevant than Ever and Why It Helps Solving the Agility Challenges of Today’s Organizations Xplore it


  • Sag, Muhammet Ali ; Tarhan, Ayca
    Measuring COSMIC Software Size from Functional Execution Traces of Java Business Applications Xplore it
  • Souto, Francisco Valdes ; Abran, Alain
    COSMIC Approximate Sizing Using a Fuzzy Logic Approach: A Quantitative Case Study with Industry Data Xplore it

Photos and presentations from Rotterdam 2014

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