Workshop Organizers

Harold van Heeringen, Sogeti Nederland
Ton Dekkers, Interdependent
Marcel Pereboom, Mediaan
René Nijland, Capgemini

How to ensure that valid and current industry data remains available?

This workshop is about historical data. As an ISBSG member, NESMA is very much connected with the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG), independent supplier of historical data. Historical data, is an important factor in the NESMA 2020 vision, and is perceived to be of big importance to the future of software (functional) measurement and the maturity of the IT industry. The ISBSG wishes to restore confidence in IT, in order for the whole industry to better understand what is realistic and what not. NESMA therefore feels that the ISBSG is an important organization that needs to be supported as much as possible.

ISBSG now faces a number of challenges. The number of project submissions is declining and therefore the repositories are growing slower, but also contain less current project data than desirable. For the industry to use the data, it should be current and meaningful. The working group Benchmarking of NESMA wishes to support the ISBSG and therefore discuss the issues in an IWSM workshop in order to collect ideas of how to overcome the challenges.

Workshop Objectives

The proposed workshop is divided into 3 parts:
1. Explain the issues and challenges ISBSG faces in the modern era of software development;
2. Brainstorm how to overcome these issues:
3. Collect ideas, prioritize them, make action items and find people that wish to act as an ‘action holder’.

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If you want to participate in this workshop, you have to register to the conference for at least the day of the workshop. If you already registered to the conference, you can attend to this workshop free of charge.

Date & time

Monday, October 6
10.00 – 12.30 Odyssee room (B-deck)

Note! This workshop coincides with another workshop: COSMIC Masterclass. It also coincides with the Nesma CFPA Exam.