The detailed program with timetable is available as a PDF download at the bottom of this page. Here are the main ingredients.

Keynote speakers

Accepted papers

  • Miroslaw Staron, Wilhelm Meding, Kent Niesel and Alain Abran
    A Key Performance Indicator Quality Model and Its Industrial Evaluation
  • Baris Ozkan and Onur Demirörs
    On the Seven Misconceptions about Functional Size Measurement
  • Muhammad Usman and Ricardo Britto
    Effort Estimation in Co-located and Globally Distributed Agile Software Development: A Comparative Study
  • Harry Sneed and Wolfgang Prentner
    Analyzing Data on Software Evolution Processes
  • Luigi Lavazza, Valentina Lenarduzzi and Davide Taibi
    Towards Component-Aware Function Point Measurement
  • Till Döhmen, Magiel Bruntink, Joost Visser and Davide Ceolin
    Towards a Benchmark for the Maintainability Evolution of Industrial Software Systems
  • Luigi Lavazza and Sandro Morasca
    An Empirical Evaluation of two COSMIC Early Estimation Methods
  • Robert Neumann, Anja Figler, Marcus Pöhld and Reiner Dumke
    Measurement-Based Optimization of Server License Balancing
  • Francisco Valdes-Souto
    Earned Scope Management: A Case of Study of Scope Performance using COSMIC (ISO 19761) with a Real Project
  • Sampo Suonsyrjä, Laura Hokkanen, Henri Terho, Kari Systä and Tommi Mikkonen
    Post-Deployment Data: A Recipe for Satisfying Knowledge Needs in Software Development?
  • Vard Antinyan and Miroslaw Staron
    A Complexity Measure for Textual Requirements
  • Hela Hakim, Asma Sellami and Hanene Ben Abdallah
    Evaluating Security in Web Application Designs Using Functional and Structural Size Measurements
  • Jan Hentschel, Reiner Dumke and Andreas Schmietendorf
    Big Data benefits for the Software Measurement Community
  • Hassan Mansoor and Mirosław Ochodek
    Towards semi-automatic size measurement of user interfaces in web applications with IFPUG SNAP
  • Luigi Buglione, Alain Abran, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Fergal McCaffery and Jean Carlo Rossa Hauck
    Risk Management: Achieving Higher Maturity & Capability Levels through the LEGO approach
  • Mirosław Ochodek
    Approximation of COSMIC functional size of scenario-based requirements in Agile based on syntactic linguistic features – a replication study
  • Sylvie Trudel, Jean-Marc Desharnais and Jimmy Cloutier BEST PAPER
    Functional Size Measurement Patterns: A Proposed Approach
  • Sousuke Amasaki and Chris Lokan
    On Applicability of Fixed-Size Moving Windows for ANN-based Effort Estimation
  • Kathrin Wille, Cornelius Wille and Reiner Dumke
    Measuring the accessability based of WCAG 2.0 Guidelines
  • Ayça Tarhan, Barış Özkan and Gonca Canan İçöz
    A Proposal on Requirements for COSMIC FSM Automation from Source Code
  • Bartosz Walter, Marcin Wolski, Patryk Promiński and Szymon Kupiński
    One Metric to Combine Them All. An Experimental Comparison of Metric Aggregation Approaches
  • Anja Fiegler, Andre Zwanziger, Sebastian Herden and Reiner Dumke BEST PRESENTATION
    Quality Measurement of ITIL Processes in Cloud-Systems
  • Charles Symons, Christof Ebert, Alain Abran and Frank Vogelezang
    Measurement of software size: Advances made by the COSMIC community
  • Tuğba Erdogan and Ayça Tarhan
    Process Mining for Healthcare Process Analytics
  • Michael Klaes, Wolfgang Putz and Tobias Lutz
    Quality Evaluation for Big Data: A Scalable Assessment Approach and First Evaluation Results

Industry presentations

  • Jean-Louis Letouzey, Inspearit
    Managing large application portfolio with Technical Debt related measures
  • Cigdem Gencel, Deiser and Luigi Buglione, Engineering
    The Missing Links in Software Estimation: Work, Team Loading and Team Power
  • Niteen Kumar and Cornelly Spier, Capgemin
    Value of Quantitative Engagement Management – Realizing business objectives by quantitatively managing cost, time and quality dimensions of an engagement


  • Productivity Impact Factors for Projects (PIFPro 2016)
    Thomas Fehlmann et al, MAIN
  • Metrics in Contracts
    Hans Kuijpers, Software Improvement Group and Marcel Perboom Mediaan
  • Data Manipulation measurement
    Luigi Lavazza, Universita del’Insubria and Roberto Meli, DPO
  • Estimating Packaged Software
    Eric van der Vliet, Frank Vogelezang & René Nijland, Nesma
  • Software measurement in the context of Industry 4.0
    Andreas Deuter, OWL University of Applied Sciences


  • Benchmarking, Measurement, Data Analytics – Trends and Practice
    Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting Services
  • Big Data Technologies
    Henning Barthel & Jens Heidrich, Fraunhofer IESE
  • Messen auf den Punkt gebracht: 5 Erfolgsgeschichten (in German)