In 2015 the IWSM conference was held on October 5-7 in Cracow. The conference was organized by PSMO in the Sheraton hotel. Take a look at the program.


On this conference 24 papers were presented. Of these papers 13 are published with Springer in the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing.

  • A Suite of Rules for Developing and Evaluating Software Quality Models
    Anas Al-Badareen, Jean-Marc Desharnais and Alain Abran
  • The Effects of Duration-based Moving Windows with Estimation by Analogy
    Sousuke Amasaki and Chris Lokan
  • Software or Service? That’s the question!
    Luigi Buglione, Alain Abran, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim,Fergal McCaffery and Jean Carlo Rossa Hauck
  • A process to improve the accuracy of MkII FP to COSMIC size conversions that gives insights into the COSMIC method design assumptions
    Aveek Dasgupta, Cigdem Gencel and Charles Symons
  • Applying manufacturing performance figures to measure software development excellence
    Andreas Deuter and Hans-Jürgen Koch
  • Quantitative Functional Change Impact Analysis in Activity Diagrams: a COSMIC-based Approach
    Mariem Haoues, Asma Sellami, Hanêne Ben-Abdallah and Nourchène Elleuch Ben Ayed
  • Application of Function Points and Data Mining Techniques for Software Estimation – A Combined Approach
    Pospieszny, Przemysław (et al.)
  • Functional Size Measurement for Processor Load Estimation in AUTOSAR
    Hassan Soubra, Alain Abran and Mehdi Sehit
  • Selecting the Right Visualization of Indicators and Measures – Dashboard Selection Model
    Miroslaw Staron, Kent Niesel and Wilhelm Meding
  • Measurement-as-a-Service – A New Way of Organizing Measurement Programs in Large Software Development Companies
    Miroslaw Staron and Wilhelm Meding
  • Designing an Unobtrusive Analytics Framework for Monitoring Java Applications
    Sampo Suonsyrjä and Tommi Mikkonen
  • A Functional Software Measurement Approach to Bridge the Gap Between Problem and Solution Domains
    Erdir Ungan and Onur Demirörs
  • Improving the COSMIC Approximate Sizing Using the Fuzzy Logic EPCU Model
    Francisco Valdés Souto and Alain Abran

The other papers will be published in the Annals of the Collegium of Economic Analysis of the Warsaw School of Economics.

  • Accounting for Non-functional and Project requirements: COSMIC and IFPUG developments
    Charles Symons and Talmon Ben-Cnaan
  • An Architecture for Effort Estimation of Solutions Based on Open Source
    Donatien Koulla Moulla, Alain Abran and Dina Taiwe Kolyang
  • Assessing Software Processes over a New Generic Software Process Assessment Tool
    Ozan Raşit Yürüm, Onur Demirörs and Özden Özcan Top
  • Automated Functional Size Measurement for Three-Tier Object Relational Mapping Architectures
    Hamdi Demirel and Baris Ozkan
  • Benefits and Challenges of Measuring Software Size: Early Results in a Large Organization
    Murat Salmanoglu, Kurtuluş Öztürk, Selami -Bağrıyanık, Erdir Ungan and Onur Demirörs
  • Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Software Process Evaluation: a Proposed Approach
    Sylvie Trudel and Alex Turcotte
  • Do We Measure Functional Size? Or Do We Count? – Functional Sizing in View of the Metrology Standards
    Thomas Fehlmann and Eberhard Kranich
  • Productivity measurement of agile teams – overcoming the issues with non-functional requirements
    H.S. van Heeringen, T.G. Prins and E.W.M. van Gorp
  • Requirements Effort Estimation: State of The Practice
    Mohamad Kassab and Giuseppe Destefanis
  • Tips and Hints for an effective COSMIC Learning Processs gained from Industry Trainings
    Sanae Saadaoui, Annick Majchrowski and Christophe Ponsard
  • When Do Software Issues Get Reported in Large Open Source Software Project?
    Rakesh Rana and Miroslaw Staron