The future of IT Cost Estimation

Trends for the new Decade

On October 7-9, 2019 the IWSM Mensura conference will be held in Haarlem, the Netherlands. In this last conference before we enter a new decade, we want to look forward to discover the trends for the next decade. Register NOW.

The paradox of Agile & Cost

The world is becoming more agile and so is software development. The strength of agile is apparent. End-users get functionality they need at a quicker pace. Software developers can be more productive because they interact with end-users to produce software that brings value to their business. So if every piece of software that is delivered brings value, why bother about the cost? That is an important argument behind movements like #NoEstimate.

For decision makers this is a difficult paradox, because no investment in software will bring no value, but limitless investment in software will not bring limitless added value. How much investment in software will bring defendable benefit for the business. This events brings together the views of both scientific research and industry practice on what models work.


This conference is held in the Philharmonie, in the vibrant city center of Haarlem, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands and home to the world famous Teylers museum of art and science. Haarlem is within a close reach of Schiphol international airport and the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

The cost of Digitization

The business departments of organizations are no longer prepared to give the IT departments or suppliers carte blanche for their agile software development. IT departments or suppliers are held accountable for reaching organizational targets. To make and maintain good business cases for these organizational targets Cost Estimation and Cost Control of the IT function is of vital importance.

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