Your agile estimation experience

Estimation is a critical process in software development to achieve quality, productivity and savings.

However, the options currently available for estimating are based on basic components, generally done by expert judgment and directly by suppliers that use highly technical language.

This results in a lack of rigor and transparency, continuous cost overruns and great difficulties in communication with business departments.

To solve this problem, the Spanish firm LedaMC, leader in software development productivity management, developed Quanter, a sophisticated but easy-to-use suite of IT tools that analyzes a huge amount of data and estimates the optimal allocation of your projects resources and costs to produce a robust and tailored strategy. It standardizes the estimation process making it transparent and auditable, being also compatible with all methodologies (agile, waterfall, etc.).

It allows comparing the costs of software development with the market, contrasting projects productivity against the largest database of productivity in the world (more than 50,000 reference projects in different technologies and countries).

Quanter helps to control the objectives of TIC savings, to manage the bidding processes and to reduce the costs of development suppliers.