The impact of IT solutions in today’s global economy are far-reaching and incredibly complex. Understanding every facet of an IT solution from planning, design, execution, operations and ongoing support is critical to successfully implementing and managing an organization’s IT needs.

SEER-IT gives organizations across the business spectrum the insight and knowledge they need to ensure the technological success of their proposed IT solutions from start to finish.

SEER-IT is a toolset designed to give project stakeholders in-depth insights and significantly improve the success rates on their complex IT projects. Based on modeling the possible solution architectures from a cost and schedule perspective, instantaneous trade-off analyses can be performed to make better-informed decisions. Service providers can determine proposal costs and efforts, while outsourcers can use the tool to evaluate vendor proposals more efficiently. With the same software, CIOs can perform portfolio planning and analysis while IT managers can use it to create a value-driven budgeting process.

SEER-IT can be used to assist in planning efforts throughout the project lifecycle from concept through design, procurement, construction, testing, training, and distribution. It provides detailed insights into the risks, uncertainty, and cost drivers associated with IT project development and understand resource requirements and associated costs for ongoing support requirements. SEER-IT can also be used to project the incremental resources needed to support a new system or the total resources required for a data center or managed services contract.

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