To offer you the maximum flexibility of what you want to gain from this conference, you can either register for the whole conference or for one or two days. These are the choices we offer:

Full Conference*

One day of your choice

Two days of your choice


Student (Master or PhD)*

€ 786,50 (€ 650 excl. vat)

€ 332,75 (€ 275 excl. vat)

€ 574, 75 (€ 475 excl. vat)

€ 574,75 (€ 475 excl. vat)

€ 393,25 (€ 325 excl. vat)


* These options include the social event on Tuesday.


All highlighted prices are inclusive of 21% VAT. Pressing the registration button will take you to the registration page on the Nesma website. There you can pay the conference fee by credit card.


If you encounter problems with your registration, please contact



We have the following extra options:


  • Partner program (free of charge, see details)
  • Social Event (€ 102,85 including vat)
    as addition to the 1 or 2 day admittance or for your partner


When you bring your partner, you can add him or her to your registration (available for full conference, speaker and student) or you can register your partner separately.


Registration is handled by Nesma, the local organizer. Clicking on the link below will take you to their registration page of Nesma on their website.