In 2013 the IWSM Mensura conference was held on October 23-25 in Ankara at the Cultural Convention Centre at the METU Campus.The conference was hosted by the Middle East Technical University.


On this conference 34 papers were presented. These papers are published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Session 1: Size Measurement I

  • Hassan Soubra
    Fast Functional Size Measurement with Synchronous Languages: An Approach Based on LUSTRE and on the COSMIC ISO 19761 Standard Xplore it
  • Gokcen Yilmaz, Seckin Tunalilar and Onur Demirors
    Towards the Development of a Defect Detection Tool for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Xplore it
  • Laila Cheikhi and Alain Abran
    Promise and ISBSG Software Engineering Data Repositories: A Survey Xplore it

Session 2A: Size Measurement II

  • Frank Vogelezang, Charles Symons, Arlan Lesterhuis, Roberto Meli and Maya Daneva
    Approximate COSMIC Functional Size – Guideline for Approximate COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Xplore it
  • Andreas Schmietendorf, Anja Fiegler, Cornelius Wille, Reiner R. Dumke and Robert Neumann
    COSMIC Functional Size Measurement of Cloud Systems Xplore it
  • Feras Abu Talib, Dennis Giannacopoulos and Alain Abran
    Designing a Measurement Method for the Portability Non-functional Requirement Xplore it
  • Sylvie Trudel and Alain Abran
    Measurement of Business Rules Specified as Reusable Components: Exploratory Study of Its Impact on the Functional Size of Software Projects Xplore it
  • Luigi Buglione and Alain Abran
    Improving the User Story Agile Technique Using the INVEST Criteria Xplore it
  • Ahmet Ata Akca and Ayça Tarhan
    Run-Time Measurement of COSMIC Functional Size for Java Business Applications: Is It Worth the Cost? Xplore it

Session 2B: Infrastructure and Process I

  • Matthias Vianden, Horst Lichter and Andreas Steffens
    Towards a Maintainable Federalist Enterprise Measurement Infrastructure Xplore it
  • Hajer Ayed, Naji Habra and Benoît Vanderose
    AM-QuICk: A Measurement-Based Framework for Agile Methods Customisation Xplore it
  • Kai Petersen and Cigdem Gencel
    Worldviews, Research Methods, and their Relationship to Validity in Empirical Software Engineering Research Xplore it

Session 3A: Estimation

  • Rudolf Ramler and Michael Felderer
    Experiences from an Initial Study on Risk Probability Estimation Based on Expert Opinion Xplore it
  • Sousuke Amasaki and Tomoyuki Yokogawa
    The Effects of Variable Selection Methods on Linear Regression-Based Effort Estimation Models Xplore it
  • Izak Pierre Erasmus and Maya Daneva
    ERP Effort Estimation Based on Expert Judgments Xplore it

Session 3B: Infrastructure and Process II

  • Monica Villavicencio and Alain Abran
    Towards the Development of a Framework for Education in Software Measurement Xplore it
  • Mehmet Söylemez and Ayça Tarhan
    Using Process Enactment Data Analysis to Support Orthogonal Defect Classification for Software Process Improvement Xplore it
  • José Antonio Pow-Sang, Daniela Villanueva, Luis Flores and Cristian Rusu
    A Conversion Model and a Tool to Identify Function Point Logic Files Using UML Analysis Class Diagrams Xplore it

Session 4: Quality Evaluation I

  • Hennie Huijgens and Rini van Solingen
    Measuring Best-in-Class Software Releases Xplore it
  • Fatih Nayebi, Jean-Marc Desharnais, and Alain Abran
    An Expert-Based Framework for Evaluating iOS Application Usability Xplore it
  • Jia Tan, Kari Rönkkö, and Cigdem Gencel</em
    A Framework for Software Usability and User Experience Measurement in Mobile Industry Xplore it
  • Reem Alnanih, Olga Ormandjieva and T. Radhakrishnan
    A New Quality-in-Use Model for Mobile User Interfaces Xplore it

Session 5: Quality Evaluation II

  • Rudolf Ramler and Johannes Himmelbauer
    Noise in Bug Report Data and the Impact on Defect Prediction Results Xplore it
  • Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan, Reidar Conradi, and Daniela Soares Cruzes
    A Comparison of Different Defect Measures to Identify Defect-Prone Components Xplore it
  • Miroslaw Staron, Jörgen Hansson, Robert Feldt, Anders Henriksson, Wilhelm Meding, Sven Nilsson and Christoffer Höglund
    Measuring and Visualizing Code Stability—A Case Study at Three Companies Xplore it

Session 6A: Quality Evaluation III

  • Jan Vlietland and Hans van Vliet
    Visibility and Performance of IT Incident Handling: A Control Theory Perspective Xplore it
  • Rakesh Rana, Miroslaw Staron, Christian Berger, Jörgen Hansson, Martin Nilsson and Fredrik Törner
    Comparing between Maximum Likelihood Estimator and Non-linear Regression Estimation Procedures for NHPP Software Reliability Growth Modelling Xplore it
  • Shinya Ikemoto, Tadashi Dohi and Hiroyukii Okamura
    Estimating Software Reliability with Static Project Data in Incremental Development Processes Xplore it
  • Duygu Albayrak and Kürsat Çağıltay
    Analyzing Turkish E-government Websites by Eye Tracking Xplore it
  • Kadriye Ozbas-Caglayan and Ali H. Dogru
    Software Repository Analysis for Investigating Design-Code Compliance Xplore it

Special Session: Measurement Experiences and Future Prospects from Industry (MEFPI)

  • Burak Keser, Taylan Iyidogan, and Baris Ozkan
    ASSIST: An Integrated Measurement Tool Xplore it
  • Esra Sahin, İlgi Keskin Kaynak, and M. Ülkü Sencan
    A Pilot Study: Opportunities for Improving Software Quality via Application of CMMI Measurement and Analysis Xplore it
  • Kaan Kurtel
    Measuring and Monitoring Software Maintenance Services: An Industrial Experience Xplore it
  • Güven Özen, N. Alpay Karagöz, Oumout Chouseinoglou and Semih Bilgen
    Assessing Organizational Learning in IT Organizations: An Experience Report from Industry Xplore it

Best Paper Award

The best paper award was awarded to Rudolf Ramler and Johannes Himmelbauer for their paper on Noise in Bug Report Data and the Impact on Defect Prediction Results.


General Chair

Onur Demirors

Program Chairs

Ayça Tarhan (Hacettepe University)
Onur Demirors (Middle East Technical University)

Organization Chairs

Pınar Şenkul (Middle East Technical University)
Altan Koçyiğit (Middle East Technical University)

Publication Chairs

Aysu Betin Can (Middle East Technical University)
Sadık Eşmelioğlu (Çankaya University

Sponsors Chair

Alpay Karagöz (Innova)

Publicity Chairs

Seçkin Tunalılar (ASELSAN)
Barış Özkan (Atılım University)


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