In 2012 the IWSM Mensura conference was held on October 17-19 in Assisi. This conference was organized by GUFPI-ISMA at the Hotel Cenacolo just outside the old town of Assisi on the pilgrims path to Santa Maria degli Angeli.


On this conference 31 papers were presented. These papers are published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Session 1A – Estimation 1

  • Frank Vogelezang, René Nijland, Eric van der Vliet, John Hommes, Hans Smit, Karel van Straaten, Dirk Vandendaele and Peter Bellen
    Estimating Packaged Software Implementations: The First Part of a Framework Xplore it
  • Thomas Fehlmann and Eberhard Kranich
    Quality of Estimations – How to Assess Reliability of Cost Predictions Xplore it
  • Erika Corona, Giulio Concas, Michele Marchesi, Giulio Barabino and Daniele Grechi
    Effort Estimation of Web Applications through Web CMF Objects Xplore it
  • Sousuke Amasaki and Chris Lokan
    The Effects of Moving Windows to Software Estimation: Comparative Study on Linear Regression and Estimation by Analogy Xplore it

Session 1B – Architecture, Processes & Quality

  • Harry M. Sneed and Katalin Erdos
    Measuring and Evaluating a DotNet Application System to Better Predict Maintenance Effort Xplore it
  • Christian Zoller and Axel Schmolitzky
    Measuring Inappropriate Generosity with Access Modifiers in Java Systems Xplore it
  • Giuseppe Lami and Luigi Buglione
    Measuring Software Sustainability from a Process-centric Perspective Xplore it
  • Ayman Massoud and Reiner Dumke
    Efficient Reference Architecture for Integrated Legacy Applications based on SOA Xplore it

Session 2A – COSMIC: Theory & Practice

  • Hassan Soubra, Alain Abran and Amar Ramdane-Cherif
    A Refined Functional Size Measurement Procedure for Real-Time Embedded Software Requirements Expressed Using the Simulink Model Xplore it
  • Hassan Soubra and Khaled Chaaban
    Functional Size Measurement of Electronic Control Units Software Designed Following the AUTOSAR Standard: A Measurement Guideline Based on the COSMIC ISO 19761 Standard Xplore it
  • Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego, Pablo Rodríguez-Soria, Alberto Lucendo, Robert Neumann, Reiner Dumke and Andreas Schmietendorf
    COSMIC Measurements Dispersion Xplore it

Session 2B – Evaluations

  • Hans Kuijpers and Harold van Heeringen
    Metrics Based Software Supplier Selection – Best Practice Used in the Largest Dutch Telecom Company Xplore it
  • Habib Sedehi and Giovanni Martano
    Metrics to Evaluate & Monitor Agile Based Software Development Projects – A Fuzzy Logic Approach Xplore it
  • Yasuhiro Saito, Akito Monden and Kenichi Matsumoto
    Evaluation of Non Functional Requirements in a Request for Proposal (RFP) Xplore it

Session 3A – Short Papers 1

  • Frank Vogelezang, Jolijn Onvlee, Eric van der Vliet, Harold van Heeringen, Fred de Wilde and Peter Bellen
    Web Advice Module Case Study: Using COSMIC in a Service Oriented Architecture Xplore it
  • Yoshiki Mitani, Yutaka Ohwada, Go Maeda, and Kenichi Matsumoto
    Nine Years Challenge of In-process Measurement Platform for Software Development Project: Distribution of a New Generation Platform and a Collaborative Research Proposal Xplore it
  • Marco Arzilli, Pierfranco Gennai, Roberto Meli, and Franco Perna
    Incremental Sampling Process for Actual Function Points Validation in a Contract, An Empirical Experiment Xplore it

Session 3B – Short Papers 2

  • Pedro Faria and Eduardo Miranda
    Expert Judgment in Software Estimation During the Bid Phase of a Project – An Exploratory Survey Xplore it
  • Marta Fernández-Diego, Sanae Elmouaden and José-María Torralba-Martínez
    Software Effort Estimation Using NBC and SWR: A Comparison Based on ISBSG Projects Xplore it
  • Luca Santillo
    Easy Function Points – ‘Smart’ Approximation Technique for the IFPUG and COSMIC Methods Xplore it

Session 4A – FSM Convertibility

  • Abedallah Zaid Abualkishik, Mohd Hasan Selamat, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Rodziah Atan, Jean Marc Desharnais and Adel Khelifi
    A Convertibility Study on the Conversion between FPA and COSMIC for Real Time Systems Xplore it
  • Abedallah Zaid Abualkishik, Mohd Hasan Selamat, Abdul Azim Abd Ghani, Rodziah Atan, Jean Marc Desharnais and Adel Khelifi
    Theoretical and Probabilistic Conversion Model between FPA and COSMIC Measurement Method Xplore it
  • Luigi Lavazza, Vieri del Bianco, and Geng Liu
    Analytical Convertibility of Functional Size Measures: A Tool-based Approach Xplore it
  • Cigdem Gencel and Carl Bideau
    Exploring the Convertibility between IFPUG and COSMIC Function Points: Preliminary Findings Xplore it

Session 4B – Estimation 2

  • Francisco Valdés Souto and Alain Abran
    Case Study: COSMIC Approximate Sizing Approach without Using Historical Data Xplore it
  • Wilson Rosa
    Empirical Effort and Schedule Estimation for Enterprise Resource Planning Projects Xplore it
  • Murat Salmanoğlu and Onur Demirörs
    Exploration of an Error Prevention Model for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method Xplore it
  • Seckin Tunalilar and Onur Demirors
    EFES: An Effort Estimation Methodology Xplore it

Session 5A – Measurement Programs, Case Studies, Short Papers 3

  • Sylvain Béland and Alain Abran
    A Measurement Framework to Support Continuous Improvement in Software Intensive Organizations Xplore it
  • Luigi Lavazza and Luca Santillo
    Historical Data Repositories in Software Engineering: Status and Possible Improvements Xplore it
  • Ahmet Ata Akca and Ayça Tarhan
    Run-time Measurement of COSMIC Functional Size for Java Business Applications: Initial Results Xplore it

Best Presentation Award

The best paper award was awarded to Wilson Rosa for his presentation on Empirical Effort and Schedule Estimation for Enterprise Resource Planning Projects.


General Chair

Luca Santillo (Agile Metrics/GUFPI-ISMA, Italy)

Organizing Chair

Filippo De Carli (Shared Service Center/GUFPI-ISMA, Italy)

Financial Organizing Chair

Gianfranco Lanza (CSI Piemonte/GUFPI-ISMA, Italy)

Program Chairs

Sandro Morasca (University of Insubria, Italy)
Luigi Buglione (ETS/Engineering.IT, Italy)

Workshop Chair

Cigdem Gencel (Free University of Bolzano, Italy)

Publicity Chair

Luigi Buglione (ETS/Engineering.IT/GUFPI-ISMA, Italy)

Publication Chairs

Manar Abu Talib (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates)
Adel Khelifi (Al Hosn University, United Arab Emirates)

Program Committee

Silvia Abrahão (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
Alain Abran (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
Manar Abu Talib (Zayed University, United Arab Emirates)
Sébastien Adam (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
Rafa Al Qutaish (Al-Ain University, United Arab Emirates)
Khaled Almakadmeh (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
Tiago L. Alves (OutSystems, Portugal)
Sousuke Amasaki (Okayama Prefectural University, Japan)
Manfred Bundshuh (David Consulting Group, Germany)
Gerardo Canfora (RCOST –University of Benevento, Italy)
Laila Cheikhi (ENSIAS, Morocco)
Juan-José Cuadrado-Gallego (Universityof Alcalá, Spain)
Darren Dalcher (National Centre for Project Management – Middlesex University, UK)
Maya Daneva (University of Twente, the Netherlands)
Ton Dekkers (Galorath International Ltd., UK)
Onur Demirors (METU, Turkey)
Jean-Marc Desharnais (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
María J. Domínguez-Alda (University of Alcalá, Spain)
Reiner Dumke (University of Magdeburg, Germany)
Christof Ebert (Vector Consulting, Germany)
Cigdem Gencel (Free University of Bolzano, Italy)
Marcela Genero (University Castilla la Mancha, Spain)
Naji Habra (FUNDP, Belgium)
Nadine Hanebutte (St. John Fisher College, USA)
Ali Idri (ENSIAS, Morocco)
Adel Khelifi (Al Hosn University, United Arab Emirates)
Filippo Lanubile (University of Bari, Italy)
Luigi Lavazza (CEFRIEL/Univ. Insubria, Italy)
Mathias Lother (Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany)
Beatriz Marin (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
Shinsuke Matsumoto (Kobe University, Japan)
Dirk Meyerhoff (Schueco-Service GmbH, Germany)
Eduardo Miranda (Carnegie Mellon University – CMU, USA)
Yoshiki Mitani (Nara Institute of Science and Technology – NAIST, Japan)
Akito Monden (Nara Institute of Science and Technology – NAIST, Japan)
Carlos Monsalve (ESPOL, Ecuador)
Maurizio Morisio (Politechnic University of Turin, Italy)
Jürgen Münch (Fraunhofer IESE, Germany)
Makoto Nonaka (Toyo University, Japan)
Olga Ormandjieva (Concordia University, Canada)
Oscar Pastor (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)
Nicolas Porta (Daimler TSS, Germany)
Malik Qasaimeh (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
Rudolf Ramler (Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria)
Gabriela Robiolo (Universidad Austral, Argentina)
Luca Santillo (Agile Metrics, Italy)
Andreas Schmietendorf (HWR Berlin, Germany)
Asma Sellami (University of Sfax, Tunisia)
Harry Sneed (SES, Germany)
Charles Symons (COSMIC, UK)
Mohamed Taleb (École de technologie supérieure – University of Québec, Canada)
Sylvie Trudel (Pyxis Technologies, Canada)
Monica Villavicencio (ESPOL, Ecuador)
Stefan Wagner (University of Stuggart, Germany)
Mohammad Zarour (KACST, Saudi Arabia)


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