In 2009 the IWSM Mensura conference was held on November 3-4 in Amsterdam. This conference was organized by the NESMA at the Leeuwenburg building of the University of Amsterdam.


On this conference 24 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 5891, 2009.

  • Miroslaw Staron and Wilhelm Meding
    Ensuring Reliability of Information Provided by Measurement Systems
  • Beata Czarnacka-Chrobot
    Analysis of the Functional Size Measurement Methods Usage by Polish Business Software Systems Providers
  • Luigi Buglione
    Leveraging People-Related Maturity Issues for Achieving Higher Maturity and Capability Levels
  • Reiner Dumke, Hashem Yazbek, Evan Asfoura and Konstantina Georgieva
    A General Model for Measurement Improvement
  • Sohaib Shahid Bajwa and Cigdem Gencel
    What Are the Significant Cost Drivers for COSMIC Functional Size Based Effort Estimation?
  • Konstantina Georgieva, Ayaz Farooq and Reiner R. Dumke
    Analysis of the Risk Assessment Methods – A Survey
  • Robert Neumann, Fritz Zbrog and Reiner R. Dumke
    Cockpit Based Management Architectures
  • Luigi Lavazza and Vieri Del Bianco
    A Case Study in COSMIC Functional Size Measurement: The Rice Cooker Revisited
  • Jean-Marc Desharnais, Alain Abran, Pınar Efe Dikici, Mert CanIlis and Irfan Nuri Karaca
    Functional Size of a Real-Time System
  • Andreas Schmietendorf and Andreas End
    A Prototypical Simulation Model to Analyze the Business Process Performance
  • Cigdem Gencel, Luigi Buglione and Alain Abran
    Improvement Opportunities and Suggestions for Benchmarking
  • Sylvie Trudel and Alain Abran
    Functional Size Measurement Quality Challenges for Inexperienced Measurers
  • Matthias Vianden, Horst Lichter and Tobias Rötschke
    Applying Test Case Metrics in a Tool Supported Iterative Architecture and Code Improvement Process
  • Mohamed Kassab, Maya Daneva and Olga Ormandjieva
    Towards an Early Software Effort Estimation Based on Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
  • Baris Ozkan and Onur Demirors
    Formalization Studies in Functional Size Measurement: How Do They Help?
  • Miroslaw Staron and Wilhelm Meding
    Using Models to Develop Measurement Systems: A Method and Its Industrial Use
  • Holger Schackmann, Henning Schaefer and Horst Lichter
    Evaluating Process Quality Based on Change Request Data – An Empirical Study of the Eclipse Project
  • Javed Ferzund, Syed Nadeem Ahsan and Franz Wotawa
    Empirical Evaluation of Hunk Metrics as Bug Predictors
  • Anna Corazza, Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino and Emilia Mendes
    Using Support Vector Regression for Web Development Effort Estimation
  • Seckin Tunalilar and Onur Demirors
    A Comparison of Neural Network Model and Regression Model Approaches Based on Sub-functional Components
  • Luis Reynoso, Elvira Rolón, Marcela Genero, Félix García, Francisco Ruiz and Mario Piattini
    Formal Definition of Measures for BPMN Models
  • Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino, Rocco Oliveto and Federica Sarro
    Using Tabu Search to Estimate Software Development Effort
  • Erdir Ungan, Onur Demirörs, Özden Özcan Top and Barıs Ozkan
    An Experimental Study on the Reliability of COSMIC Measurement Results
  • Isaac Sánchez-Rosado, Pablo Rodríguez-Soria, Borja Martín-Herrera, Juan José Cuadrado-Gallego, Javier Martínez-Herráiz and Alfonso González
    Assessing the Documentation Development Effort in Software Projects


General Chairs

Alain Abran, University of Qu´ebec / ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Reiner R. Dumke, Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany
Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego, University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain
Jacob Brunekreef, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Organization Chair

Jacob Brunekreef, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Proceedings Chair

René Braungarten, Bosch Rexroth Electric Drives and Controls GmbH, Germany

Program Committee Chair

Reiner R. Dumke, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

Program Committee Members

Rafa Al Qutaish, Applied Science University Amman, Jordan
Luigi Buglione, Engineering.IT S.p.A., Italy
Francois Coallier, ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Darren Dalcher, National Centre for Project Management, Middlesex University, UK
Ton Dekkers, Galorath International Ltd., UK
Jean-Marc Desharnais, ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Axel Dold, Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany
María J. Domínguez-Alda, University of Alcalá, Spain
Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting, Stuttgart, Germany
Marian Fernández de Sevilla, University of Alcalá, Spain
Bernd Gebhard, BMW AG, Munich, Germany
Marcela Genero, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain
Naji Habra, FUNDP, Namur, Belgium
Nadine Hanebutte, University of Idaho, Moscow (Idaho), USA
Hans-Georg Hopf, GSO-Hochschule, Nuremberg, Germany
Ali Idri, ENSIAS, Morocco
Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar, Florida Atlantic University, USA
Claus Lewerentz, Technical University Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany
Marek Leszak, Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany
Peter Liggesmeyer, Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Mathias Lother, Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Roberto Meli, DPO, Rome, Italy
Dirk Meyerhoff, Schueco-Service GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany
Enriqueta Muel, University of Alcalá, Spain
Jürgen Münch, Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Olga Ormandjieva, Concordia University, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Oscar Pastor, Technical University of Valencia, Spain
Frances Paulisch, Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
Luca Santillo, Consultant, Rome, Italy
Andreas Schmietendorf, Berlin School of Economics, Germany
Asma Sellami, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Harry Sneed, SES, Munich/Budapest, Germany/Hungary
Charles Symons, Software Measurement Service Ltd., Edenbridge, UK
Manar Abu Talib, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Hannu Toivonen, Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland
Cornelius Wille, University of Applied Sciences, Bingen, Germany
Loreto Zornoza, IBM, Spain
Horst Zuse, Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany


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