In 2008 the IWSM Mensura conference was held on November 18-20 in München. This conference was organized by the DASMA at the facilities of Siemens AG.


On this conference 29 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 5338, 2008.

Session A1 – Estimation Models I

  • Luigi Buglione, Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego and J. Antonio Gutiérrez de Mesa
    Project Sizing and Estimating: A Case Study Using PSU, IFPUG and COSMIC
  • Harold S. van Heeringen and Luca Santillo
    Proposals for Increasing Benchmarking Data Quantity and Quality of Projects Measured in COSMIC

Session B1 – Measurement Methodology I

  • Martin Kunz, Steffen Mencke, Niko Zenker, René Braungarten and Reiner Dumke
    Quality-Driven Orchestration of Services
  • Ralf Russ, Dana Sperling, Frank Rometsch and Peter Louis
    Applying Six Sigma in the Field of Software Engineering

Session C1 – Effort Estimation

  • Tilmann Hampp
    First Steps towards Validating a Cost-Benefit Model of Reviews and Tests
  • Stephan Frohnhoff and Thomas Engeroff
    Field Study: Influence of Different Specification Formats on the Use Case Point Method

Session A2 – Measurement Programs

  • Sebastian Schunk
    Software Measurement @ Siemens – A Practical Approach Allows Best Practice Sharing of Various Organizations
  • Christof Ebert
    Measurement Support for Effective Supplier Management

Session B2 – New Approaches

  • Steffen Mencke, Cornelius Wille and Reiner Dumke
    Measuring Distances for Ontology-Based Systems
  • Ayaz Farooq, Konstantina Georgieva and Reiner R. Dumke
    Challenges in Evaluating SOA Test Processes
  • Jean-Daniel Cryans, Alain April and Alain Abran
    Criteria to Compare Cloud Computing with Current Database Technology

Session C2 – Process Assessment

  • Holger Schackmann and Horst Lichter
    Comparison of Process Quality Characteristics Based on Change Request Data
  • Andreas Schmietendorf
    Assessment of Business Process Modeling Tools under Consideration of Business Process Management Activities

Session A3 – Size Measurement

  • Oktay Turetken, Ozden Ozcan Top, Baris Ozkan and Onur Demirors
    The Impact of Individual Assumptions on Functional Size Measurement
  • Beatriz Marín, Giovanni Giachetti and Oscar Pastor
    Measurement of Functional Size in Conceptual Models: A Survey of Measurement Procedures Based on COSMIC

Session B3 – Education

  • Andreas Schmietendorf, Steffen Mencke and Gaby Schmietendorf
    Evaluation Aspects for a Sustainable Integration of e-Learning within the Software Engineering (Case Study)

Session A4 – Estimation Models II

  • Cigdem Gencel
    How to Use COSMIC Functional Size in Effort Estimation Models?
  • Maya Daneva, Seanna Wettflower and Sonia de Boer
    Uncertainty in ERP Effort Estimation: A Challenge or an Asset?
  • Khaled Hamdan, Boumediene Belkhouche and Peter Smith
    The Influence of Culture and Leadership on Cost Estimation

Session B4 – Measurement in Software Lifecycle

  • Frank W. Vogelezang
    Portfolio Control – When the Numbers Really Count
  • Thomas Flohr
    Defining Suitable Criteria for Quality Gates
  • Yoshiki Mitani, Tomoko Matsumura, Mike Barker, Seishiro Tsuruho, Katsuro Inoue and Ken-Ichi Matsumoto
    An Empirical Study of Product Measurement in a Standardized Requirement Definition Process with 28 Japanese Government Software Projects

Session A5 – Product Measurement

  • Harry M. Sneed
    Measuring 75 Million Lines of Code
  • Sylvie Trudel and Alain Abran
    Improving Quality of Functional Requirements by Measuring Their Functional Size
  • Jens Heidrich and Jürgen Münch
    Implementing Software Project Control Centers: An Architectural View

Session B5 – Measurement Methodology II

  • Marcus Ciolkowski and Martín Soto
    Towards a Comprehensive Approach for Assessing Open Source Projects
  • Javed Ferzund, Syed Nadeem Ahsan and Franz Wotawa
    Analysing Bug Prediction Capabilities of Static Code Metrics in Open Source Software
  • Francesca Longo, Roberto Tiella, Paolo Tonella and Adolfo Villafiorita
    Measuring the Impact of Different Categories of Software Evolution
  • Luigi Buglione, Olga Ormandjieva and Maya Daneva
    Using PSU for Early Prediction of COSMIC Size of Functional and Non-functional Requirements


General Chairs

Manfred Bundschuh DASMA e. V., Germany
Reiner R. Dumke Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
Alain Abran University of Québec / ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain

Organization Chair

Günter Büren Büren & Partner, Nuremberg, Germany

Proceedings Chair

René Braungarten Bosch Rexroth AG, Lohr am Main, Germany

Program Committee Chair

Reiner R. Dumke Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

Program Committee

Luigi Buglione Engineering.IT S.p.A., Italy
François Coallier ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Ton Dekkers Galorath International Ltd., UK
Jean-Marc Desharnais ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
José Javier Dolado University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain
Axel Dold Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany
Christof Ebert Vector Consulting, Stuttgart, Germany
Bernd Gebhard BMW AG, Munich, Germany
Marcela Genero University of Castilla-La Mancha, Ciudad Real, Spain
Naji Habra FUNDP, Namur, Belgium
Nadine Hanebutte University of Idaho, Moscow (Idaho), USA
Hans-Georg Hopf GSO-Hochschule, Nuremberg, Germany
Claus Lewerentz Technical University Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany
Marek Leszak Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany
Peter Liggesmeyer Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Mathias Lother Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Fernando Machado Catholic University of Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay
Roberto Meli DPO, Rome, Italy
Dirk Meyerhoff Schueco-Service GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany
Jürgen Münch Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Olga Ormandjieva Concordia University, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Frances Paulisch Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
Ricardo J. Rejas-Muslera University Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, Spain
Salvador Sánchez-Alonso University of Alcala, Madrid, Spain
Andreas Schmietendorf Berlin School of Economics, Germany
Harry Sneed SES, Munich/Budapest, Germany/Hungary
Charles Symons Software Measurement Service Ltd., Edenbridge, UK
Hannu Toivonen Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland
Cornelius Wille University of Applied Sciences, Bingen, Germany
Loreto Zornoza IBM, Spain
Horst Zuse Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Tutorial Chairs

Ralf Russ Siemens AG, Munich, Germany
Günter Büren Büren & Partner, Nuremberg, Germany
Marek Leszak Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany

Conference Support

Romy Gampe DASMA e. V., Germany
Dagmar Dörge Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
Carsten Peitscher Signal-Iduna, Dortmund, Germany
Helmut Benesch Siemens AG, Munich, Germany


Best paper award : Sylvie Trudel.


Original website: iwsm2008.cs.uni-magdeburg.de

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