In 2006 the International Workshop on Software Measurement was held on November 2-3 in Potsdam. This conference was organized by the DASMA at the Hasso-Plattner Institut in Potsdam.

The IWSM conference was held in conjunction with the MetriKon conference, the annual German metrics conference of the DASMA.


On this conference 38 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Magdeburger Schriften zum Empirischen Software Engineering

  • Adam Trendowicz, Jürgen Münch
    Enhancing the Hybrid Software Cost Modeling Method CoBRA for Supporting Process Maturation
  • D. Rodriguez, J.J. Cuadrado Gallego, J. Aguilar
    Using Genetic Algorithms to Generate Estimation Models
  • Oguz Atak, Cigdem Gencel
    An Experimental Study on Conceptual Data Model based Software Code Size Estimation
  • Frank Simon, Christian Koll
    Traceability zwischen Metriken und dem strategischen Ziel Wartbarkeit
  • Matthias Ruffler, Marek Leszak
    Software Quality Assessment – A Tool-Supported Model
  • Bernhard Daubner
    Towards a Lightweight Tool Support for Integrated Software Measurement
  • Peter Rosner
    The call profile – Measuring the object-oriented paradigm at work
  • M. Kunz, S. Kernchen, R. Dumke, A. Schmietendorf
    Ontology-based Web service for object-oriented metrics
  • A. Farooq, S. Kernchen, M. Kunz, R. Dumke, C. Wille
    Complexity and Quality Evolution of Basic Java Technologies
  • S. Justus, K. Iyakutti
    Object Relational Database Metrics: Classified and Evaluated
  • S. Mercier, A. Abran, M. Lavoie, R. Champagne
    Unified Software Method: Towards a Method of Measurement of the Necessary Changes to Software in Maintenance
  • D.-A. Paquette, A. April, A. Abran
    Assessment results using the Software Maintenance Maturity Model (S3m)
  • D. Rud, A. Schmietendorf, R. Dumke
    Product Metrics for Service-Oriented Infrastructures
  • S. Kernchen, A. Farooq, R. Dumke, C. Wille
    Evaluation of Java-Based Agent Technologies
  • Roland Neumann, Alexandra Ilina
    Analyse struktureller Komplexitätsunterschiede in ABAP und JAVA
  • L. Buglione, C. Gencel, P. Efe, A. Abran
    Suggestions for Improving Measurement Plans: a BMP application in Turkey
  • Sylvie Trudel, Pascale Tardif
    Successes and challenges experienced in implementing a measured program in small software organisations
  • Josyleuda Melo Moreira de Oliveira
    Organizational Software Measurement Process
  • M. Olschimke, C. Wille, R. Dumke
    Analysis of Requirement Specifications in Student Projects: An Empirical Study
  • M. Daneva, O. Ormandjieva, M. Abu Talib
    A Case Study of Metric-based and Scenario-driven Black Box Testing for SAP Projects
  • Florian Forster
    Measuring the Quality Of Inferred Interfaces
  • Ansgar Lamersdorf
    Design und Implementierung eines anpassbaren Metric Plug-in für Eclipse
  • Frank Vogelezang
    Using COSMIC-FFP for sizing, estimating and planning in ERP environment
  • Pinar Efe, Onur Demirors, Cigdem Gencel
    Mapping Concepts of Functional Size Measurement Methods
  • Naji Habra, Benoit Vanderose
    Measurement the Qualities of Software Design
  • Luca Santillo
    Error Propagation in Software Measurement and Estimation
  • Alkacem El Hahemi, Houari Sahroui
    Generic Metric Extraction Framework
  • Hans Sassenburg
    Market Entry Decisions: Numbers or Politics?
  • Daniel Germanus, Lukas Mrokon
    ESOMIC: Automated effort estimation based on UML specification or source code for object oriented programming languages
  • K. Jantzen, G. Adens, R. Armstrong
    Estimating the effects of project risks in software developmnt projects
  • Maya Daneva
    Status report on functional size measurement for cross-organizational ERP solutions: problems and alternative approaches
  • Annabel Stambolian, Alain Abran
    Survey of Automation Tools Supporting COSMIC-FFP – ISO 19761
  • Andreas Kowitz, Christian Ofer
    Durchführung eines Messprogramms: ein Erfahrungsbericht
  • M. Kunz, M. Leszak, R. Braungarten, R. Dumke
    Design of an Integrated Measurement Database for Telecom Systems Development
  • R. Dumke, R. Braungarten, M. Blazey, H. Hegewald, D. Reitz, K. Richter
    Structuring Software Process Metrics – A semantic network based overview
  • Melanie Ruhe
    How do we apply statistical process control in the area of software development – Experiences from industry
  • Stephan Frohnhoff, Volker Jung, Gregor Engels
    Use Case Points im industriellen Prxistest
  • Thomas Fehlmann
    When use COSMIC FFP? When use IFPUG FPA? A Six Sigma View


Conference Chair

Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA board

Programme Chairs

Alain Abran, University of Québec / ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Günter Büren, Büren & Partner Software-Design, Nürnberg, Germany
Reiner Dumke, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

Program Committee

Alain Abran, University of Québec / ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Günter Büren, Büren & Partner Software-Design, Nürnberg, Germany
Luigi Buglione Engineering.IT S.p.A., Italy
Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA, Germany
François Coallier ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Jean-Marc Desharnais ÉTS, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Juan J. Cuadrado Gallego, Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain
José Javier Dolado University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian, Spain
Axel Dold DaimlerChrysler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany
Ton Dekkers, Shell Information Technology, Netherlands
Reiner Dumke, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany
Christof Ebert Vector Consulting, Stuttgart, Germany
Bernd Gebhard BMW AG, Munich, Germany
Naji Habra FUNDP, Namur, Belgium
Nadine Hanebutte University of Idaho, Moscow (Idaho), USA
Hans-Georg Hopf GSO-Hochschule, Nuremberg, Germany
Franz Lehner, University of Passau, Germany
Claus Lewerentz Technical University Cottbus, Cottbus, Germany
Marek Leszak Alcatel-Lucent, Nuremberg, Germany
Peter Liggesmeyer Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Roberto Meli DPO, Rome, Italy
Dirk Meyerhoff Schueco-Service GmbH, Bielefeld, Germany
Jürgen Münch Fraunhofer IESE, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Olga Ormandjieva Concordia University, Montréal (Québec), Canada
Andreas Schmietendorf Berlin School of Economics, Germany
Harry Sneed SES, Munich/Budapest, Germany/Hungary
Charles Symons Software Measurement Service Ltd., Edenbridge, UK
Hannu Toivonen Nokia Siemens Networks, Finland
Cornelius Wille University of Applied Sciences, Bingen, Germany
Horst Zuse Technical University Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Conference Desk

Romy Robra, DASMA Sekeretariat

Exhibition and Organisation Chairs

Romy Robra, DASMA Sekeretariat
Günter Büren, Büren & Partner Software-Design, Nürnberg, Germany

Web Services

Carsten Peitscher Signal-Iduna, Dortmund, Germany
Stavros Pechlivanidis, IBM, Stuttgart, Germany


Best presentation award : Sylvie Trudel.


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