In 2006 the Mensura conference was held for the first time on November 6-8 in Cádiz. It was organized by in the Cádiz Congress Centre.


On this conference 21 papers were presented. These papers are published on CiteSeerX.

  • Vieri Del Bianco and Luigi Lavazza
    An Assessment of Function Point-Like Metrics for Object-Oriented Open-Source Software
  • Nelly Condori-Fernández and Oscar Pastor
    Assessing the Intention to Use a Measurement Procedure based on COSMIC-FFP
  • K.K. Aggarwal, Yogesh Singh, Arvinder Kaur and Ruchika Malhotra
    Improving Logistic Regression Predictions of Software Quality using Principal Component Analysis
  • Reiner Dumke, Martina Blazey, Daniel Reitz and Karsten Richter
    Causalities in Software Process Measurement and Improvement
  • Luigi Buglione and Alain Abran
    Introducing Root-Cause Analysis and Orthogonal Defect Classification at Lower CMMI Maturity Levels
  • Francisco J. Pino, Félix García, Manuel Serrano and Mario Piattini
    Estimating the performance and capacity of software processes according to ISO/IEC 15504
  • Joost Ouwerkerk and Alain Abran
    An Evaluation of the Design of the Use Case Points (UCP)
  • Ali Idri, Azeddine Zahi and Alain Abran
    Software Cost Estimation by Fuzzy Analogy for Web Hypermedia Applications
  • Nael Salman and Ali H. Dogru
    Complexity and Development Effort Prediction Models Using Component Oriented Metrics
  • Jean-Marc Desharnais, Alain Abran and Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego
    Convertibility of Function Points to COSMIC-FFP: Identification and Analysis of Functional Outliers
  • M. Donyaee, A. Seffah and J. Rilling
    Exploring the Correlation between Predictive Usability Measures and User Tests
  • Hakim Lounis, M.K. Abdi and H. Yazid
    Predicting Quality Attributes via Machine-Learning Algorithms
  • Ayaz Farooq, Steffen Kernchen, Reiner R. Dumke and Cornelius Wille
    Web Services based Measurement for IT Quality Assurance
  • Yoshiki Mitani, Nahomi Kikuchi, Tomoko Matsumura, Naoki Ohsugi, Akito Monden, Yoshiki Higo, Katsuro Inoue, Mike Barker and Ken-ichi Matsumoto
    A Proposal for Analysis and Prediction for Software Projects using Collaborative Filtering, In-Process Measurements and a Benchmarks Database
  • Luigi Buglione
    FORESEEing for Better Project Sizing & Effort Estimation
  • Luca Santillo
    Function Points Usage in Contracts – Consideration and Guidelines
  • Eugenia Egorova
    General Recommendations on Increasing Efficiency of Inspections
  • Reiner R. Dumke, René Braungarten, Martin Kunz, Andreas Schmietendorf and Cornelius Wille
    Strategies and Appropriateness of Software Measurement Frameworks
  • Martin Kunz, Andreas Schmietendorf, Reiner R. Dumke and Dmytro Rud
    SOA-capability of software measurement tools
  • John Kuriakose and Mudit Kaushik
    Getting the right ‘scale’ in tool based structural fitness measurement
  • Alberto Sampaio, Edwin Gray, Mário Martins and Isabel B. Sampaio
    Towards an Internal Numerical Taxonomy of Software Process Assessment Methods


General Chair

José Javier Dolado, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Program Chair

Mercedes Ruiz, University of Cádiz, Spain

Program Committee

Sylvia Abrahao, Spain
Alain Abran, Canada
Javier Aroba, Spain
Moteoi Azuma, Japan
René Braungarten, Germany
Luigi Buglione, Italy
David Card, USA
Juan J. Cuadrado-Gallego, Spain
Jean-Marc Desharnais, Canada
José Javier Dolado, Spain
Reiner R. Dumke, Germany
Christof Ebert, France
Nadine Hanebutte, USA
Hakim Lounis, Canada
Miguel Lopez, Belgium
John McGarry, USA
Roberto Meli, Italy
Pam Morris, Australia
John C. Munson, USA
Isabel Ramos, Spain
Daniel Rodriguez, UK
Tony Rollo, UK
Mercedes Ruiz, Spain
Grant Rule, UK
Andreas Schmietendorf, Germany
Stanimir Stojanov, Bulgaria
Charles Symons, UK
Javier Tuya, Spain
David Zubrow, USA
Horst Zuse, Germany

Organizing Chair

Elena Orta, University of Cádiz, Spain

Organizing Committee

María del Carmen de Castro
Juan José Domínguez
Antonia Estero
María Teresa García
Nuria Hurtado
José Antonio Jiménez
Inmaculada Medina
Elena Orta
Francisco Palomo
Manuel Palomo


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