In 2005 the IWSM Mensura conference was held on September 12-14 in Montréal. This conference was organized by the Université du Québec à Montréal at the University facilities.


On this conference 29 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Magdeburger Schriften zum Empirischen Software Engineering.

  • R. Braungarten, M. Kunz, A. Farooq, R.R. Dumke
    Towards Meaningful Metrics Data Bases
  • M. Daneva
    Architecture Maturity and Requirements Maturity Do not Explain Each Other
  • D. Rietz, A. Schmietendorf, R. Dumke
    Tool supported effort monitoring in EAI multi Projects
  • A. Schmietendorf, S. Stojanov
    Offshoring – 6 years of industrial experience in distributed software development
  • M. Kunz, R. Braungarten, R.R. Dumke
    Measurement eLearning – A classification approach for eLearning-Systems
  • A. April, J.-M. Desharnais
    Software Maintenance expert system (SMxpert) – Measuring the use of the knowledge base
  • V. Paulus, G. Seront, M. Lopez, C. Huvelle, B. Bolle
    On the Applicability of FPA and COCOMO II in a workflow and maintenance context
  • T. Dekkers
    Benchmarking is an essential control mechanism for management
  • D. Dery, A. Abran
    Investigation of the Effort Data Consistency in the ISBSG Repository
  • R.A. Monge, F.S. Marco, F.T. Cervigón
    MTPF Function Points Measure Early Method
  • C. Gencel, O. Demirors, E. Yuceer
    A Case Study on Using Functional Size Measurement Methods for Real Time Systems
  • R.R. Dumke, K. Richter, T. Fetcke
    FSM Influences and Requirements in CMMI-Based Software Processes
  • P. Habela, E. Glowacki, T. Serafinski, K. Subieta
    Adapting Use Case Model for COSMIC-FFP Basde Measurement
  • M. Abu Talib, A. Abran, O. Ormandjieva
    COSMIC-FFP & Functional Complexity (FC) Measures: A Study of their Scales, Units and Scale Types
  • A. Abran, J.-M. Desharnais, F. Aziz
    Measurement Convertibility – From Function Points to COSMIC-FFP
  • S. Nagano, T. Ajisaka
    Improvement of analysis model by removing improper parts based on functional size measurement
  • L. Santillo
    Functional details visualization and classification in the COSMIC FSM framework
  • A. Schmietendorf, R. Dumke
    Complex Evaluation of an Industrial Software Development Project
  • K.K. Aggerwal, Y. Singh, A. Kaur, R. Malhotra
    Analysis of Object-Oriented Metrics
  • O. Ormandjieva, M. Kassab, C. Constantinides
    Measurement of Cohesion and Coupling in OO Analysis Model Based on Crosscutting Concerns
  • U. Blazey, R. Dumke
    Information Management for Industrial eLearning Projects
  • R.E. Al Qutaish, A. Abran
    An Analysis of the Design and Definitions of Halstead’s Metrics
  • L. Buglione, A. Abran
    Software Measurement Body of Knowledge – Overview of Empirical Support
  • M. Ruiz, J.-J. Cuadrado Gallego, M.-A. Sicilia, D. Rodriguez
    Using Simulation to Determine the Sensibility of Error Sources for Software Effort Estimation Models
  • R. Neumann, D. Klemann
    Independent Dimensions of Software Complexity
  • M. Bollain, J. Garbajosa
    The Measurement Service in Software Engineering Environments
  • M. Lopez, A. Abran, G. Seront, N. Habra
    On the Impact of the Types Conversion in Java onto the Coupling Measurement
  • R. Dumke, M. Kunz, H. Hegewald, H. Yazbek
    An Agent-based Measurement Infrastructure
  • L. Cheikhi, A. Abran, M. Lopez
    Analysis of the Designs of Coupling Measures: A Case Study


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