In 2003 the IWSM conference was held on September 23-25 in Montréal. This conference was organized by the Université du Québec à Montréal at the University facilities.


On this conference 22 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Magdeburger Schriften zum Empirischen Software Engineering

  • M. Lopez, V. Paulus and N. Habra
    Integrated validation process for software measure
  • A. Sellami and A. Abran
    The contribution of metrology concepts to the understanding and clarification of a proposed framework for software measurement validation
  • K. Meridji and O. Ormandjieva
    Measuring consistency of the analysis model: an XML approach
  • A. Schmietendorf and R.R. Dumke
    Empirical analysis of available web services
  • L. Buglione et al
    A quality model for web-based environments: GUFPI-ISMA viewpoint
  • A. Abran, M. Kunz, R.R. Dumke and L. Buglione
    The prototypical web-based implementation of the QEST model
  • H.K. Padda, A. Seffa and J. Strika
    QUIM: A tool and knowledge map for usability measurement
  • C. Wille, A. Abran, J-M. Desharnais and R.R. Dumke
    The quality concepts and sub concepts in SWEBOK: An ontology challenge
  • D. Reitz, R.R. Dumke and A. Schmietendorf
    Metrics based comparison of project lines in the industrial software development
  • I. Hofmann and R.R. Dumke
    When the stomach ails from a headache – Quality assurance in software development of Bosch Diesel Systems
  • A. Abran and E. Palza
    Design of a generic performance measurement repository at Ericsson Research Canada
  • H. Zuse
    What can practitioners learn from measurement theory
  • S. Nagano and T. Asijika
    Measuring functions in OO real-time software
  • V. Bevo, G. Lévesque and J. Meunier
    Toward an ontological formalization for a software functional size measurement methods’s application process: the COSMIC-FFP case
  • M. Lother, R.R. Dumke, T. Böhm, H. Herweg and W. Reiss
    Applicability of COSMIC-FFP for BOSCH specifications
  • A. Abran, R. Braungarten and R.R. Dumke
    The second generation of the ISBSG effort estimation prototype
  • F.W. Vogelezang and A. Lesterhuis
    Applicability of COSMIC Full Function Points in a MIS environment
  • T. Dekkers
    (Extended) Functional size measurement methods are also applicable in enhancement projects
  • R. Corovic
    From IT-centric to business-centric productivity measurement
  • A. Abran and J-M. Desharnais
    Rapid techniques for measuring function points
  • L. Buglione and A. Abran
    Assessment of measurement indicators in SPI frameworks
  • A. April, A. Abran and R.R. Dumke
    Software Maintenance Capability Maturity Model (SM-CMM): Process performance measurement


Program Committee

Alain Abran, ÉTS Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Montreal, Canada
Luigi Buglione, SchlumergerSema, Roma, Italia
Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA, Germany
François Coallier, Bell Canada, Canada
Ton Dekkers, Sogeti Nederland, the Netherlands
Jean-Marc Desharnais, ÉTS Ecole de Technologie Supérieure Montreal, Canada
Javier Dolado, Universidad San Sebastian, Spain
Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg, Germany
Christof Ebert, Alcatel Paris, France
Roberto Meli, DPO Roma, Italy
Andreas Schmietendorf, T-Systems Berlin, Germany
Harry Sneed, SES Munich/Budapest, Germany/Hungary
Charles Symons, COSMIC, UK
Hannu Toivonen, Nokia, Finland
Horst Zuse, TU Technical University Berlin, Germany


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