In 2002 the IWSM conference was held on October 7-9 in Magdeburg. This conference was organized by the Otto von Guericke University at the University facilities.


On this conference 21 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Magdeburger Schriften zum Empirischen Software Engineering

  • Zuse, H.
    Problems and Pitfalls in Software Metrics Applications
  • Abran,A.; Sellami, A.
    Initial Modeling of the Measurement Concepts in the ISO Vocabulary of Terms in Metrology
  • Sneed, H.M.
    XMI-Relational Model of a Software Metric Database
  • Abran, A.; Fagg, P.; Meli, R.; Symons, C.
    ISO Transposition and Clarifications of the COSMIC FFP Method of Functional Sizing
  • Jenner, M.S.
    Automation of Counting of Functional Size Using COSMIC FFP in UML
  • Desharnais, J. M.; Küssing, T.; Abran, A.; Mayers, A.
    Design of a Diagnostic Tool to Improve the Quality of the Functional Measurement
  • Daneva, M.
    Comparing ERP Requirements Engineering Process: A Case Study
  • Lother, M.; Schmietendorf, A.; Böhm, T.; Dumke, R.
    Quality Evaluation of Large-Scale Software Systems
  • Neumann, R.; Grunske, L.; Kaiser, B.
    Hierarchical Software Quality Models – A Step Towards Quantifying non-functional Properties
  • Bundschuh, M.
    Estimation of Maintenance Tasks
  • Schmietendorf, A.; Dumke, R.
    Metrics-based Abalysis of Enterprise JavaBeans Components
  • Buglione, L.; Abran, A.
    ICEBERG: A Different Look at Software Project Management
  • Abran, A.; Bourque, P.; Dupuis, R.
    The SWEBOK Initiative and Software Measurement Intentions
  • Jungmayr, S.
    Testability Measurement and Software Dependencies
  • Wille, C.; Dumke, R. R.; Stojanov, S.
    New Measurement Intentions in Agent-based System Development
  • Bertolino, A.; Lombardi, G.; Marchetti, E.; Mirandola, R.
    Software Performance Measures to Assist Decision Makers within the Rational Unified Process
  • Abran, A.; Dumke, R.; Desharnais, J.M.; Ndyaje, I.; Kolbe, C.
    A Strategy for a Credible & Auditable Estimation Process Using the ISBSG International Data Repository
  • Hürten, R.
    Why does the Function Point Analysis find so little Acceptance?
  • Leszak, M.; Brunck, W.; Mößler, G.
    Analysis of Software Defects in a Large Evolutionary Telecommunication
  • Toivonen, H.
    Defining Measures for Memory Efficiency of the Software in Mobile Terminals
  • Dumke, R.R.; Lother, M.; Wille, C.
    Situation and Trends in Software Measurement – A Statistical Analysis of the SML@b Metrics Bibliography


Program Committee

Alain Abran, École de Technologie Supérieure Montreal, Kanada
Fernando Brito e Abreu, INESC Lisboa , Portugal
Günter Büren, Büren & Partner Nuernberg, Deutschland
Luigi Buglione, Schlumberger/SEMA, Roma, Italien
Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA, Deutschland
Francois Coallier, Bell Canada, Kanada
Jean-Marc Desharnais, SELAM, Montreal, Kanada
Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg, Deutschland
Christof Ebert, Alcatel Antwerp, Belgien
Tracy Hall, University of Hertfordshire,
GB Claus Lewerentz, TU Cotbus, Deutschland
Carsten Peitscher, Signal-Iduna Versicherung, Deutschland
Geert Poels, Universität von Leuven, Belgien
Andreas Schmietendorf, T-Nova Berlin, Deutschland
Harry Sneed, SES Munich/Budapest, Ungarn
Charles Symons, SMS Ltd. London, & COSMIC,
GB Horst Zuse, TU Berlin, Deutschland


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