In 2001 the IWSM conference was held on August 28-29 in Montréal. This conference was organized by the Université du Québec à Montréal at the University facilities.


On this conference 18 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Magdeburger Schriften zum Empirischen Software Engineering

  • T. Fetcke, A. Abran, R. Dumke
    A General Representation for Selected Functional Size Measurement Methods
  • J.M. Desharnais, A. Abran
    Applying a Functional Measurement Method: Cognitive Issues
  • O. Pastor, S.M. Abrahão, J.C. Molina, I. Torres
    A FPA-like Measure for Object-Oriented Systems from Conceptual Models
  • M. Daneva
    Assessing the Maturity Level of the Accelerated SAP Requirements Engineering Process
  • D. Rodriguez, R. Harrison, M. Satpathy, J.J. Dolado
    Tool Support for the Typed Generic Process Model
  • V.A. French
    Getting Creative – Measurement without Expensive Tools
  • L. Buglione, A. Abran
    Creativity and Innovation in SPI: An Exploratory Paper on their Measurement?
  • A. Idri, A. Abran, T.M. Koshgoftaar
    Fuzzy Analogy: A New Approach for Software Cost Estimation
  • C.C. Carbno
    Using Calibrated Zipf Capture-Recapture for Estimating the Defects Remaining
  • C. Wille, R. Dumke, S. Stojanov
    Performance Engineering in Agent-Based Systems – Concepts, Modelling and Examples
  • A. Schmietendorf, R. Dumke
    Empirical Analysis for the Performance-Related Risk
  • K. Paton
    Cost-Effectiveness of Manual Code Inspection
  • N. Kececi, A. Abran
    An Integrated Measurement for Functional Requirement Correctness
  • S. Hamidi, C. Martin
    Towards Software Certification by Neural Network Approach
  • M. Lother, R. Dumke
    POINTS METRICS – Comparison and Analysis
  • D. Tran-Cao, A. Abran, G. Lévesque
    Functional Complexity Measurement
  • G. Lévesque, V. Bevo
    Measuring Size for the Development of a Cost Model: A Comparison of Results from COSMIC FFP and SLIM Back-Firing Function Points
  • J. Choi
    A Model for Estimating Software Size for Large-Scale Business Applications


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