In 2000 the IWSM conference was held on October 4-6 in Berlin.


On this conference 19 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Object-Oriented Software Measurement

  • Dirk Beyer, Claus Lewerentz, Frank Simon
    Impact of Inheritance on Metrics for Size, Coupling, and Cohesion in Object-Oriented Systems
  • Peter Rosner, Tracy Hall, Tobias Mayer
    Measuring Object-Orientedness: The Invocation Profile
  • Siar Sarferaz, Wolfgang Hesse
    CEOS – A Cost Estimation Method for Evolutionary, Object-Oriented Software Development
  • Li Xinke, Liu Zongtian, Pan Biao, Xing Dahong
    A Measurement Tool for Object Oriented Software and Measurement Experiments with IT

Investigations in Software Process Improvement

  • Erik Foltin, Andreas Schmietendorf
    Estimating the Cost of Carrying out Tasks Relating to Performance Engineering
  • Tracy Hall, Nathan Baddoo, David N. Wilson
    Measurement in Software Process Improvement Programmes: An Empirical Study
  • Christof Ebert, Casimiro Hernandez Parro, Roland Suttels, Harald Kolarczyk
    Improving Validation Activities in a Global Software Development
  • Manoranjan Satpathy, Rachel Harrison, Colin F. Snook, Michael J. Butler
    A Generic Model for Assessing Process Quality
  • Andreas Schmietendorf, André Scholz
    Maturity Evaluation of the Performance Engineering Process

Function-Point-Based Software Measurement

  • Alain Abran, Serge Oligny, Charles R. Symons
    COSMIC FFP and the World-Wide Field Trials Strategy
  • Harry M. Sneed
    Extraction of Function-Points from Source-Code
  • Luca Santillo
    Early & Quick COSMIC-FFP Analysis using Analytic Hierarchy Process

Software Measurement of Special Aspects

  • Sue Black, Francis Clark
    Measuring the Ripple Effect of Pascal Programs
  • Maya Daneva
    An Assessment of the Effects of Requirements Reuse Measurements on the ERP Requirements Engineering Process
  • Reiner R. Dumke, Cornelius Wille
    A New Metric-Based Approach for the Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction in the IT Area
  • Dirk Schmelz, Margitta Schmelz, Julia Schmelz
    Utility Metrics for Economic Agents

Improving the Software Measurement Process

  • Luigi Buglione, Alain Abran
    QFD: A Different Way to Measure Software Quality
  • Dirk Hamann, Andrew Beitz, Markus Müller, Rini van Solingen
    Using FAME Assessments to Define Measurement Goals
  • Francis Dion, Thanh Khiet Tran, Alain Abran
    Mapping Processes Between Parallel, Hierarchical, and Orthogonal System Representations


Program Committee

Alain Abran, University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada
Manfred Bundschuh, DASMA, Germany
Jean-Marc Desharnais, CIM Montreal, Canada
Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg, Germany
Christof Ebert, Alcatel Antwerp, Belgium
Tracy Hall, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Franz Lehner, University of Regensburg, Germany
Claus Lewerentz, TU Cottbus, Germany
Rini van Solingen, IESE Kaiserslautern, Germany
Andreas Schmietendorf, T-Nova Berlin, Germany
Harry Sneed, SES Munich/Budapest, Hungary
Charles Symons, SMS, London, UK
Hans van Vliet, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Horst Zuse, TU Berlin, Germany


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