In 1998 the IWSM conference was held in Magdeburg on September 17-18. It was organized by the German Interest Group on Software Metrics and the Canadian Interest Group on Metrics (C.I.M.) at the university of Magdeburg.


On this conference 16 papers were presented. These papers are published in the book Software Measurement – Current Trends in Research and Practice Deutscher Universitätsverlag, Wiesbaden, 1999 (ISBN 3-8244-6876-X). Abstracts are published in the Metric News, Volume 3, Number 2, 1998 (ISSN 4131-8008) by the German Gesellschaft für Informatik.

  • Horst Zuse
    Thirty Years Software Measurement
  • Charles Symons
    Function Point Evolution
  • Jean-Philippe Jacquet, Alain Abran
    Metrics Validation Proposals: A Structured Analysis
  • Geert Poels
    On the use of a Segmentally Additive Proximity Structure to Measure Object Class Life Cycle Complexity
  • Lem O. Ejiogu
    Attribute-Based Model of Software Size
  • Luigi Buglione and Alain Abran
    Multidimensional Software Performance Measurement Models: A Tetrahedron-based Design
  • Frank Niessink and Hans van Vliet
    A Pastry Cook’s View on Software Measurement
  • Vedha Kichenamourty
    Metric for Effective Test Coverage
  • Harry M. Sneed and Oliver Foshag
    Measuring Legacy Database Structure
  • Sue Black
    REST – A Tool to Measure the Ripple Effect of C and C++ Programs
  • Reiner R. Dumke and Achim S. Winkler
    Y2K from a Metrics Point of View
  • Stephen H. Edwards, Sallie M. Henry and Roger P. Bodnar Jr
    Software Metrics for Multimedia Languages
  • Christof Ebert, Thomas Liedtke and Ekkehard Baisch
    Improving Reliability of Large Software Systems
  • Andreas Schmietendorf
    Prototype of a Software Metrics Database for industrial use
  • Jean-Marc Desharnais and Pam Morris
    Comparison between FPA and FFP: a field experience
  • Maya Daneva
    Function Point Counts Derived from SAP Business Scenario Requirements

Program Committee

Alain Abran, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada
Katrin Baumann, SAP, Walldorf, Germany
Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg, Germany
Christof Ebert, Alcatel, Antwerp, Belgium
Horst Zuse, TU Berlin, Germany


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