In 1997 the IWSM conference was held in Mannheim on September 18-19. This edition was organized by the Working Group on Software Metrics of the German Interest Group on Software Quality Assurance at the University of Mannheim.


On this conference 8 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Metric News, Volume 2, Number 2, June 1997 (ISSN 4131-8008) by the German Gesellschaft für Informatik.

New Software Measurement Applications and Paradigms

  • Sneed, H. (SES Munich)1)
    Measuring Reusability of Legacy Software Systems
  • Zuse, H. (TU Berlin)
    The Role of Measurement Theory in the area of Software Measurement
  • Schwald, A. (IT Consulting, Munich)
    Metrics, People and Their Roles in a Software Project
  • Dumke, R. (University of Magdeburg)
    Quality Assessment of Objekt-Oriented Software Development Methods
  • Schmietendorf, A. (Telekom Berlin)
    Metrics of Object-Oriented Software Development Technologies
  • Ebert, C. (Alcatel Antwerp, Belgium)
    Quality Management of Software Process Improvement
  • Foltin, E. (University of Magdeburg)
    Concepts of Metrics Data Bases
  • Wuest, J. (IESE Kaiserslautern)
    A Unified Framework of Coupling Measurement in Object-Oriented Systems


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