In 1996 the IWSM conference was held in Regensburg on September 19-20. This edition was organized by the German-Quebec Working Group of the German Interesting Group on Software Metrics of the German Interesting Group on Software Quality Assurance in Object-Oriented Systems at the University of Regensburg.


On this conference 15 papers were presented. These papers are published in the Metric News, Volume 2, Number 1, June 1997 (ISSN 4131-8008) by the German Gesellschaft für Informatik.

New Software Measurement Applications and Paradigms

  • Ebert (Alcatel, Belgium)
    Applying Knowledge-Based Techniques to Software Quality Management
  • Foshag (SES München)
    Metrics for Evaluation of Maintenance Service
  • Schmelz (University of Jena)
    The Use of Factorial Analysis in the Area of Software Metrics
  • Baisch/Ebert (Alcatel, Stuttgart)
    On a Neural-Fuzzy Technique with GA Optimization for Software Quality Models
  • Desharnais/Pierre (CRIM,Canada)
    Post-Measurements Validation Procedures of Function Point Counts

Object-Oriented Software Metrics

  • Fetcke/Abran/Nguyen (CRIM, Canada)
    The Mapping of OO-Jacobson Method to the Measurement Concepts of Function Points Analysis
  • Dumke (University of Magdeburg)
    Really Object-Oriented Software Metrics
  • Hitz/Stiller (University of Wien)
    A Versatile Framework for the Collection of Object-Oriented Metrics
  • Brian, L.C
    Defining and Validating Design Coupling Measures in Object-Oriented Systems
  • Morschel, I.
    Quality and Productivity Improvement in Object-Oriented Software Development – Experiences and Lessons Learned

Measurement Frameworks

  • Zuse (TU Berlin)
    A Measure Information System
  • Winkler/Dumke/Koeppe (University of Magdeburg)
    Efficiency and Maintainability of JAVA Applications
  • Abran/Maya/Bourque (CRIM, Canada)
    The Extension of Function Points Technique to the Measurement of very small Maintenance Requests
  • Mittelmann (VOEST Linz)
    Implementation of a Measurement Plan in an Industrial Environment
  • Gilles St/Amant (CRIM, Canada)
    A Proposal of a Quality Model for Web Content


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