The first IWSM conference

This conference was initiated during the founding the SML@b in Magdeburg after the change in Germany by Reiner Dumke (Otto von Güricke University of Magdeburg) and Horst Zuse (Technical University of Berlin) in order to establish a German metrics/measurement community involving the international research activities.


On this conference 11 papers were presented from France, Greece, Germany, Hungary and Norway. These papers were published as hard-copy conference proceedings.

  • Brauns, E. (University of Magdeburg): Analysis of Software Complexity in Different Programming Languages
  • Deininger, M. (University of Stuttgart): A Schema for Metrics Classification
  • Dumke, R. (University of Magdeburg): Software Metrics in the Software Design
  • Jannasch, H. (University of Applied Science of Economy of Berlin): Investigation of Software Metrics in their Applicability in Software Quality Evaluation
  • Leiste, H. (University of Magdeburg): Conception of a Software Evaluation Workplace
  • Niviox, J. (BULL Paris, France): SQA in a Changing Environment
  • Schaefer, H. (IT Consulting, Norway): Metrics for Maintenance Management
  • Szentes, J.; Jannasch, H. (SzKI Budapest, Hungary): QUALIGRAPH – a Tool for Software Quality Measurement and Graphical Software Documentation
  • Tsalidis, C. (University of Patras, Greece): The ATHENA Software Measurement Tool
  • Zuse, H. (Technical University of Berlin): Software Complexity Measures – Properties of Software Complexity Measures


General Chair

Reiner Dumke, Otto von Güricke University of Magdeburg

Program Chair

Horst Zuse, Technical University of Berlin

Program Committee

Jürgen Berger, SIETEC Berlin

Reiner Dumke, University of Magdeburg

Hans Schaefer, IT Consulting, Norway

Janos Szentes, SzKI, Budapest, Hungary

Horst Zuse, Technical University of Berlin