You will be able to register either for the full conference or for one or two days with the themes of your choice.

Full conference

650€ 786,50 including VAT
  • Including social event

One Day

275€ 332,75 including VAT
  • Excluding social event

Two Days

475€ 574,75 including VAT
  • Excluding social event


475€ 574,75 including VAT
  • Only one speaker per paper


325€ 393,25 including VAT
  • Master or PhD


85€ 102,85 including VAT
  • Social Event

All highlighted prices are exclusive of 21% VAT. Pressing the registration button of your choice will take you to the registration page on the Nesma website (expected to be available late May). There you can pay the conference fee by credit card.

For the 1 and 2 day options the Social Event is not included. If you want to join us on this event you can select this option at registration. When you bring your partner, you can add him or her to your registration (available for full conference, speaker and student) or you can register your partner separately. We have a partner program during the conference that will show the beauty of Haarlem. The partner program is free, but does not include any entrance fee that may apply.